From Mini To Massive: Chad Martin's Mighty Transformation

Chad always knew what he wanted to look like and decided it was time to make his dream a reality. Read on to see how he added 45 pounds of beef to his skinny frame.

Vital Stats

Name: Chad Martin
Bodyspace: HD2003

Chad Martin Chad Martin


145 lbs
Body Fat:


190 lbs
Body Fat:

Why I Got Started

All my life I have been skinny. I graduated high school at 140 pounds and I only gained 5 pounds in the 8 years to follow. I always had an image of what I wanted to look like, and a tall skin-and-bones guy was not it.

I started to workout to see how close I could get to this image. I didn't do it for other people, and even though my wife did not seem to mind the change, I did it for myself. I have to say all the little comments people have said throughout my life about being too skinny have played a small roll in motivation, it's fuel to the fire.

From cowBOY to cowMAN.

How I Did It

On August 2, 2008, I decided to start building my body, at this time I did not think it was going to be a life change for me … I was wrong. The first thing I did was read all the information I could get my hands on, the main thing was nutrition for me. One of my biggest challenges was and still is I workout at home and without a partner.

All I have is a simple Olympic bench and some dumbbells, so I have to improvise a lot and had to make some equipment using things I had lying around the house. There is only one thing I regret, and that is I did not start earlier!

When I started, I weighed 145 pounds and I was 26-years old. I read up on workout routines and made one up I could do at home. It was a simple routine, basic … but it worked. I had to make sure I got that workout in every time, and that's something that is a must to pack on the weight: consistency.

Now I have packed on 45 pounds; it feels great. I like the way I look. I don't hear the little comments anymore, and I'm more confident in myself. I don't feel like the "little" guy all the time anymore. However, like most people, I'm not ever really satisfied and I still need a lot of work … but now I know I can do it.

Two steaks, please. Rare.

Suggestions for Others

My advice to any hard gainer would be to find a weight gainer you like and stay on it. This helps big time to get all the calories I need for the day. If you feel hungry, then eat and drink water.

Find a workout program you are able to do and stick with it for at least 3-to-4 weeks; this way you will know if you are getting results or not.

This is a trial-and-error type of hobby, there will be times when you seem to go backwards, learn from it, and correct it. Patience, Consistency and Dedication.