Best Of The Forums: November 19, 2007.

This week we have topics about a member looking for a kangaroo recipe, a best slogan competition, popular sea thread, and more! Check them out.

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Nutrition Thread Of The Week
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arrow Kangaroo Recipes

Most of us that are omnivores or carnivores consume things like chicken and steak on at least a weekly basis (or at least should be). Some of us have even been lucky enough to have tried something like bison or duck. Others have things like dear and goose. However, I have never heard of anyone I know try (or even discuss eating) kangaroo meat. To me, this is a bit foreign - to others, maybe not so much.

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Matthor's Roo Rice.

In this week's nutrition thread, 'gfundaro' is looking to the boards for some help in finding a recipe as she has in fact obtained some kangaroo. Since I have never even dreamt of this, I can't help her out, but if any of you have indeed enjoyed (or not) some ground kangaroo meat and can help our friend out with a recipe, check out the thread here and lend a hand!

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Contest Of The Week
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arrow Think You're Clever? Black China Labs Needs Your Help!

A lot of the people in the supplement forums enjoy getting some free stuff. This time around, the company 'Black China Labs' is running a contest where you can get your name and slogan on t-shirts that will be warn by hundreds of supplement users around the world!

Black China Labs.

In this competition, the guys from BCLabs ask forum members to come up with the best slogan that will be used by the company and the top three slogans will be printed on shirts. Check out all the entries here and get ready for a good laugh as some of them are out of this world!

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Supplement Log Of The Week
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arrow Dedicatedforlif Gets Frisky And Happy With SNAC's Vitalyze And Aerobitine!

One again, this is one that's hard to select as there are so many members that have great supplement logs (both sponsored and unsponsored). This week, I am selecting 'Dedicatedforlif' for his log of a SNAC stack. His logs are always very detailed, easy to follow and always have a good amount of subscribers that follow along.

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If you're looking to test out some of SNAC's products but want to see how they have fared for other members, this thread for some unbiased reviews on two of SNAC's products (Vitalyze and Aerobitine).

Vitalyze Aerobitine
SNAC's Vitalyze And Aerobitine.

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Video Thread Of The Week
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arrow Controlled Labs Black Hole and Ice Cream Sandwich Eating Contest

This is a new topic that I decided to select since there are more and more threads that contain some sort of video. Furthermore, links directly to YouTube so it makes it that much easier to post yourself (or others) doing just about anything!

As a debut, I've selected the ice cream eating competition that Controlled Labs has set up in conjunction with their appetite enhancement formula "Black Hole." As the competition has come to an end, the videos have been submitted and the winners have been selected. For a good laugh, check out the thread here!

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Random Thread Of The Week
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arrow Just Shoot Me..........Into The 5th Sea!!

Okay, this is a thread that I just couldn't choose or make a category for so here it is. This week's random thread of the week is "Just Shoot Me... ... ... Into the 5th Sea!!" Yet another of many "Sea" threads that is engulfing the misc section like parachute pants in the 90's.

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Currently Over 7,000 Posts.

At only 6 days young, it has reached over 7,000 posts and still going strong. For those of you that haven't gone for a 'swim in the sea' you probably have at least heard of someone referring to it outside of the misc forum. Check this thread out and see what the rage is all about!