Fitness Amateur Of The Week: The Best Version Of Herself

Injuries kept Casey off the competition stage early in her fitness career, but determination wouldn't let her quit. She built a supporting cast and went to work on her physique!

Name: Casey Kennedy
BodySpace: Lady C
Location: Nashville, TN
Age: 28  Height: 5'7"  Weight: 115lbs
Years Competing: 1

How Did Your Fitness Journey Begin?

I grew up in a small town where sports are a large part of society. I played volleyball, basketball, softball, and ran track and field. I loved the rush. After practice I would go home and train for another 1-2 hours sometimes. I went to college and obtained a B.A., working throughout as a personal trainer.

In 2008, I started training for my first competition, but sustained an injury that put me out for almost a year. I tried to compete again in 2010, but fell to another injury. In early 2012, I made up my mind that nothing was going to stop me, even if I had to walk onstage with crutches. I joined Conquering Giants with Ryan Walters as my coach. We created a plan to get me into premiere condition.

I competed, placed second at my first show, and achieved a milestone goal when I became a sponsored athlete with Barthel Fitness. I strive to be at my best in competitions, fitness, and life. I made a commitment to never give up and will continue fighting to become my best self.

How Did Your Passion For Fitness Emerge?

I love the high after a workout. It's a feeling of accomplishment.

What/Who Motivates You To Live A Healthy Lifestyle?

There are several genetic illnesses within my family that I can prevent from happening to me. Living healthy is motivation enough.

Where Did You Go For Inspiration?

I look to my husband and my coach. My husband doesn't compete, but he does with me. He eats healthy every day and trains as hard as anybody in the gym. He's determined to be the best version of himself. My coach preaches: "never give up" and "u vs. u." He tells me to work at being the best I can be and not to worry about what anybody else is doing.

What Are Your Future Fitness Plans?

When I finish competing this year, I plan to put on muscle in the off-season. I hope to add mass over an 8-10 month period and compete again in mid to late-2013.

What Is The Most Important Fitness Tip?

Understand that you're already a success. Make up your mind that you're going to lead this lifestyle and compete. Do that, and you've already succeeded where the majority of society has failed.

Who Is Your Favorite Fitness Competitor?

Lee Haney is my favorite. His work ethic and training style is still unmatched today.

How Did Help You Reach Your Goals?

Having a support community like BodySpace is positive to keep my mindset in the right place. I order supplements for the Store and read awesome articles on training and inspirational people. keeps me motivated.