Fitness Amateur Of The Week: Megan And Her Mom Made Fitness A Family Affair!

Megan's passion for fitness has helped her live an improved life. She feels better with improved conditioning, and used it all to bond with her mother.


How did your bodybuilding journey begin?

My mom and I were both considered overweight when I was in high school. I was 17 years old, stood 5-foot-4 and weighed 170 pounds. My body-fat percentage was close to 35 percent. To improve our health and our total lives, we decided to embark on the journey to change our lifestyles through increased activity and making healthier nutritional choices.

With support from one another, we were able to lose a total of more than 150 pounds in the course of three years! With a slow and steady approach to weight loss through the process of increasing activity, strength training, and making healthier food choices, I dropped from 170 to 120 pounds. Much of my inspiration to change my lifestyle came from my mother's will and determination to make the change. I developed more knowledge and support when I started researching training techniques and nutritional advice articles on

From that point I decided that I wanted to be a role model for health and fitness, and made the lifestyle change, which I continue to promote to this day. The support that my mother and I provided one another throughout the process made our relationship grow and develop even more. We continue to share new fitness and nutritional advice to help us maintain the lifestyle change we made so long ago.

Cool Fact

Megan works as a nutrition advisor for clients seeking weight loss, a healthy lifestyle, and meal plans. She creates recipes which incorporate protein powders, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks!

What workout regimen delivered the best results?

Day 1: Back/Calves

Day 2: Active Rest

Hiking, or something outdoors

Day 3: Legs/Abs/Cardio

Day 4: Shoulders/Calves

Day 5: Back/Abs

Day 6: Legs/Calves

Day 7: Chest/Arms/Cardio

What nutrition plan fueled your body?

When I'm bulking during the off-season, I do three sets for each movement, with the first set starting at a moderate weight for 12 reps, and lead up to my maximum weight for eight reps. This helps me break down more muscle to ensure that when I rest and feed my body properly I will pack on more muscle.

My bulking diet contains seven meals per day and includes protein from 8 egg whites, a 4-oz. steak, 6 oz. chicken, and whey protein. My macronutrient breakdown is 55:25:20 (protein:carbs:fats).

When I'm leaning before a competition, I do 4-5 sets for each movement—including legs! I start the first set at my maximum weight for 20 reps and decrease the weight for 20 reps for each following set. I find that performing more volume rather than lifting more weight is best when I'm leaning out. This helps me burn more fat during my workout and maximize hardness.

When I'm leaning, my diet contains eight meals per day and includes protein from egg whites, fish, chicken, and whey protein. Each protein serving is about 7 oz. for meat and 8 egg whites per meal. My macronutrient breakdown is 75:15:10 (protein:carbs:fats). I discovered that eating less fat, more protein, and less carbs during competition prep is best to get my body into perfect conditioning!

When Bulking

Meal 1
Meal 2
Meal 3
Meal 4
Meal 5
Meal 6
Meal 7

When Leaning

Meal 1
Meal 2
Meal 3
Meal 4
Meal 5
Meal 6
Meal 7
Meal 8

What supplements gave you the greatest gains?

"My passion for fitness is correlated to living an improved life, feeling better, and improving my body's conditioning."

How did your passion for bodybuilding emerge?

My passion for fitness is correlated to living an improved life, feeling better, and improving my body's conditioning. I love to see my body change during competition season! It fascinates me to see how hard work, dedication, and willpower—combined with the proper diet and training—can lead to results that most never thought were possible!

What or who motivates you to be a bodybuilder?

My early days of being overweight, out of shape, and significantly unhealthy motivate me to live healthier. I don't ever want to be that person again, so I work hard day in and day out, in the gym and with my diet, to make sure I maintain the lifestyle I desired for so long. My mother is also a big motivating factor for my living healthy. The struggles she overcame in life, with divorce, death, and obesity, inspire me to stay strong and persistent through life with my goals and dreams.

Where did you go for inspiration?

I find inspiration in reading quotes online about fitness, inspiration, and motivation. I find inspiration to go to the gym on days when I don't feel like working out by telling myself: "I will feel better if I go. Even if it might not be the best workout I've had, at least I can tell myself that I went!"

"Making a plan and writing it down helps me stay committed and
holds me accountable for every workout and meal."

What are your future fitness plans?

I recently just finished getting my master's degree; continuing education is a big part of my life. My plans for the future involve continuing my education in the health and fitness industry by getting my personal training and nutrition certifications. Since I qualify for national-level competitions I will also be competing in my first national-level show this year at the Junior Nationals in Chicago in pursuit of competing in the professional divisions.

What is the most important bodybuilding tip?

Always have a plan, write it down, and be prepared. Making a plan and writing it down helps me stay committed and holds me accountable for every workout and meal. Also, preparing food for the week and packing your gym bag the night before with your shakes will help you stay on track. If my gym bag's already in the car, it's harder for me to find an excuse not to go!

Who is your favorite bodybuilder?

I have always been a huge fan of IFBB Figure competitor Nicole Wilkins. I've met her three times and she's always taken the time to talk with me about fitness. She's one of the sweetest, nicest, and more inspiring competitors I've met and look to for motivation.

How did help you reach your goals?

With the vast amount of articles, diet tips, and training techniques, has provided me with the knowledge that got me started 10 years ago on my fitness journey, and it has helped me keep going! has the largest collection of rare or unique supplements I can find at the best prices. I purchase all of my supplements through, including ANS Performance DILATE which I haven't been able to find anywhere else!

Megan's Favorite Gym Tracks

"Bang Bang"
Tech N9ne
"Straight Out the Gate"

Competition History
  • 2009 - INBA Silver and Black Classic, Bikini, 2nd Place
  • 2009 - INBA Silver and Black Classic, Figure Novice, 1st Place
  • 2009 - INBA Bay Area Natural, Bikini, 1st Place
  • 2009 - INBA World Natural, Figure Open, 3rd Place
  • 2009 - INBA World Natural, Best Legs
  • 2011 - NPC Natural Western USA, Figure Open, 3rd Place
  • 2012 - NPC Western Regional, Figure Open, 8th Place
  • 2013 - NPC Natural Western, Women's Physique Open, 2nd Place
  • 2014 - NPC Natural Western, Women's Physique Open, 2nd Place
  • 2014 - National Qualifier for Women's Physique
  • 2014 - Dennis James Classic (TBA—May 31)
  • 2014 - Junior Nationals (TBA—June 13 & 14)
  • 2014 - USA's (Tentative—July 25 & 26)

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