Fitness 360: Tabitha Klausen, Model Trains Supplement Program

Sporting a bikini body requires the right combination of diet, training, and supplementation. Tabitha Klausen uses these supplements to aid her fitness goals.

Fitness 360: Tabitha Klausen, Model Trains Supplement Program
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Smart supplementation isn't essential for great fitness results, but it is extremely useful, especially for an elite physique athlete looking for performance support. Whether you need extra protein in your diet or a kick before you hit the gym, quality supplements can make a huge difference to your fitness results. Here is the small selection of superb products that Tabitha Klausen uses.

Tabitha Klausen Fitness 360
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The Final Piece

For Tabitha Klausen, food plays the most important role in a healthy lifestyle and competition prep. "I'm glad I started with food because I could see what a difference supplements made once I started adding them," she says.

Her supplement program complements her nutrition plan and provides extra oomph when she needs it.

"Honestly, if I don't have a pre-workout drink or music before going to the gym, I'm not going to make it," she confesses.

The biggest piece of advice Tabitha offers about supplementation? Research. "You shouldn't put anything in your body if you don't know what it does. I'm huge on that."

She suggests a pre-workout product, post-workout product, and a protein powder for a beginner trainee looking to build some serious muscle.

Supplement Regimen

Morning: 30 minutes Before Breakfast



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Tabitha Klausen Fitness 360