Fitness 360: Brendy Scheerer—Supplementation

Brendy Scheerer knows the true value of supplementation. She uses supplements that support her diet, training, and goals. Check out her stack!

Brendy Scheerer works for BPI Sports, so she always has supplements at the ready. Even so, she says you should focus on nutrition before supplementation. Real food is the backbone of any fitness regimen. It fuels your activities and abilities. Supplements will never replace the function of real food, but they will support your diet, objectives, and results.

Brendy Scheerer Fitness 360: The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection

Brendy's Supplement Philosophy ///

Even when they have a good handle on basic training and nutrition principles, people often remain confused about supplementation. Supplements help because they allow you to take exactly what you need in an exact dose at any given moment. They can also make up for dietary deficiencies which is why Brendy relies on them.

"It's really important to get in your multivitamins, your CLA, and aminos along with real food," Brendy says. "Of course, traveling all the time, it's tough to always get the real food in, but by all means, that's the number one thing to actual health and fitness. You can never trade that."

Think all supplements need come in drinks or pills? Think again. For example, Brendy boosts the nutrient content of Jell-O by adding amino acids. It's a perfect post-workout treat: sweet, satisfying, and great for recovery.

"I know I wouldn't be where I am without supps," Brendy says. "I don't think there's anything I can compare to the difference that I see when I take supplements. Especially with my tough schedule."

Brendy's Supplement Plan ///
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