Dave Draper On Tour

Find out what Dave is up to these days when Diane visited Dave when he was on one of his latest book tours! Also, find out why so many young bodybuilders are admiring Draper.

Sixty-year old Dave Draper is on tour with his new book, Your Body Revival, Weight Loss Straight Talk. Yes, he's the Blond Bomber, a former Mr. America, Mr. Universe and Mr. World, but at sixty does he still have an audience for his message that you can grow stronger, get leaner and build mass at any age?

Dave's Book Tour

Seeking the answer I joined Draper on his book tour in Edgewater, New Jersey. In addition to finding that Draper does have a large and broad audience for his message, I had the opportunity to get a first hand glimpse of the man at work, talking about his books, his website and his love for lifting iron.

Dave Draper And I

In a comfortable section of the Barnes and Noble bookstore, Dave Draper sat among a crowd of admirers. He talked for several minutes about Your Body Revival, Weight Loss Straight Talk and his first book, Brother Iron, Sister Steel, where he stressed simplicity and basics when designing and implementing resistance training and nutrition programs. The message is clear; small changes can lead to long-term lifestyle changes that are within everyone's capacity, both young and old.

An audience made up of many age groups came to see this legendary bodybuilder. Both babyboomers and seniors were interested in hearing Dave's advice for getting in shape or maintaining their current level of muscle mass while fighting a racing time clock ravaging the muscle mass of inactive people over forty. Draper shared with the audience the changes he's made in his weightlifting program as he grows older. He's reduced the number of training days each week to four, allowing plenty of time for recovery, and increased the intensity with supersetting. He urged the babyboomers in the audience to work around age-related injuries and discussed the use of glucosamine and chondroitin supplements to aid his joints.

Many young people in the audience provided proof that a message from this sixty-year old, stressing dedication in fitness by sticking to the basics is a message that benefits all, knowing no age barriers. Clearly, Draper's passion towards lifting with intensity and clean eating to fuel an intensive workout program is embraced by many because the message is simple. Hard work and a sound nutrition program can and will yield a stronger and leaner body at any age.

Dave's Words

Dave Draper electrified the audience with his time-tested message of muscle, adding to his ever growing base of fans; Bombers as he calls them. Twenty-year old men hanging on every word of this infamous bodybuilder raised questions on bracketing protein before and after workouts, as well as questions on best lifts. Draper replied, "Best bench was 440 with no spot. Best squat was Memorial Day 2002 at 440. Best deadlift was 500 a few years ago and the best clean and press was 320." Dave Draper was their idol and these young men would make sure that others in the audience would know the importance of the Blond Bomber's message. The twenty-year olds were not only his fans, but also his promoters, selling Dave Draper, his website, books and protein supplements to others in the audience.

Dave achieved success as Mr. America, Mr. Universe and Mr. World in the days when muscle was built with intense training six days per week. The legendary bodybuilders of yesterday were famous for killer training sessions that left many vomiting in the corner of a gym. That level of intensity, commitment to the goal, dedication, structure and discipline is the driving force that keeps Draper today as a bodybuilding idol for young and old. The simple love for the iron and attacking each workout session with the goal to make improvements, day after day, continues Draper's reign as a living legend.

Dave describes bodybuilding today as an, "extreme sport." Muscle magazines are filled with pictures of men and women maximizing muscle growth with levels of pharmaceuticals that are, "extreme." Draper does not deny drug use of yesteryear, but refers to the levels of the past as, "pabulum," when compared to today's levels. Given the notion that bodybuilding of today is an extreme sport, this extremeness goes a long way towards selling magazines, training equipment and supplements. But, where is the hardworking gym rat that wants muscle mass without the aid of major pharmaceuticals to go to when looking for nutritional or training advice?

Dave Draper fills that market niche. At sixty, he has years of experience from his own success in the competitive arena and through owning two World Gyms. He's helped countless numbers looking to get in shape, build mass and/or defy the aging process. Dave Draper, the Blond Bomber, world-class bodybuilder, successful author and inspiration to his numerous followers is clearly a legend with a message of fitness that transcends all ages.

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