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Sorry again for not posting for the last two weeks, but before this past saturday I was in preparation for my bench meet. So I'm going to recap the last two weeks. I started the week of the 4th doing back on monday and chest and shoulders on tuesday. On tuesday though, I did 320 for 4 sets of 3 reps and Jon did 285 for the same. I was pretty proud of myself that I could do 4 sets of 3 reps with minimal rest between sets. I know that my power has progressed a lot since then.

Then we did the decline bench where I went up to 405 for 1 rep and Jon did 315 for 1 rep. I was psyhed up for this since 405 was a number I have been targetting for a while. Jon was proud of himself too because he had felt what 315 feels like and knows what to do now. On Friday though, I did lockouts with 405 to get a better feel for it. I did 5 sets of 2 with 405 which forced me to use my explosive strength more. Also, I had discovered a new arm exercise for me..reverse cable curls for the biceps. I couldn't get enough of these.

Also on Friday, I did machine squats with the legs out in front and i really feel these and I know that they will help my full squat. I worked up to 505 for 5 reps and would like to eventually work up to 600 on these. I guess this will be one of those exercises that I would want to go heavy on all the time!! Now, last week was a different week since I was preparing myself for my meet. On monday, I decided to use my bench shirt and to do my warmups as well as my attempts. This is how they went:

  • 225 x 12
  • 225 x 10
  • 315 x 6
  • 330 x 1
  • 350 x 1
  • 370 x 1
Everything felt good up to 370. I was psyhed up because over a year ago, I couldn't even touch 370 and a few months ago I did 370 for 4 sets of 1 rep. Anyways, since all those felt good, I decided to do my first two attempts.

  • 390 x 1
  • 405 x 1

Both of these felt good and me and my partner was pretty confident that 415 would attainable. After this saturday, I know so. But believe it or not, I was only able to get one of my three attempts. The warmups went ok, but my nervousness got to me and effected my positioning on the bench. I got 390, but it wasn't a good lift and I missed 405 on my second. On my third though, I buckled down and nailed 405 with ease.

I think I shocked everyone because of my first two attempts. But seeing how easy I got 405, I know that I need a lot of mental training because if I have that, nailing 430 or more will be possible. Just so you guys know, I rested after tuesday up until saturday and was taking in protein the whole time during the workout on monday and tuesday, I did the light stuff. As a result of me doing 405(i did 405 @ 250) in the Junior 275s I gained first place but I know that I need even more work for my next one. Oh, and I now have "team naturalfreak" gear available at my website: check it out and get yours today!! Well, until next week, stay big!!

Curtis D.