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The philosophy of this system is one thing... building muscle.

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Sorry for not reporting for the last two weeks, I've been pretty much down in the dumps as of late about things, but I'm not going into them. Training has been pretty good so far. I weigh about 256 now because of Cell-tech and Nitro-tech and now I'm throwing in Universal's Animal Pak(not the prohormone). If you remember, Jon was coming back from sickness.

My bench for last week was 315 for 4 sets of 3 with about 10-15 second rest between sets and Jon did 275 for the same. Doing it this way will increase your endurance for the bigger weights. Also, we used the 6-6-6 method again on the Barbell Shoulder Press which killed us. I was solo last Tuesday, working up to 365 on Rack Deadlifts for sets of 20 and then doing 495 for 4 reps on Barbell Shrugs.

On last Thursday, we modified our Close-Grip Decline bench by adding a quarter of a rep(similar to 21s)to a rep to help increase power. Now onto this week. On the bench, I did 245 for 3 sets of 15 reps and Jon did 220 for 3 sets of 15 and then we moved onto the incline bench press. I tried 315 again, but managed to get 2 reps and then dropped the weight to 275 for a set of 4 reps.

Jon did 225 for 2 sets of 4 reps(the rep range was 4-6). On Tuesday, We had another person working out with us. His name was Dan and he was just in the gym doing back as well. We started out with Good Mornings and then went onto hammer strength pulldowns. I also invented a new method too which I will reveal later.

We later did DB Shrugs, me doing 110s and Jon doing 100s and then doing 110s for sets of 20. Barbell shrugs was tough afterwards. I did 405 and Jon did 275 for sets of 8-10. Thursday was a mentally hard day for me, but arms was intense. We tried the 6-6-6 method on Pushdowns, but we'll have to try harder come next week on these. On Friday, we did Bench first, with me doing 280 for 3 sets of 8 and Jon doing the same with 250.

We couldn't do squats because some guy was hogging the racks, so we resorted to hack squats where I did 6 plates and Jon stayed at 3 plates and a quarter for sets of 7-10. Sorry if this week's progess report isn't more detailed, but next week's progress report will be more detailed. Also, I would like to announce that my new site is up at

This is the final time guys. If you want more info about my strength system, go here: Pretty soon, I'll have the whole system online instead on a ZIP file so that people who purchase the system, will have access to another site where pages and pages about MAX FUSION training can be stay tuned folks. Until next week, Stay big.

Curtis D.