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As you probably noticed Me and Jon took a two week break from training(both martial arts and powerlifting). Jon also had a wedding where I was best man so training last week would be pushing it. I felt more energetic and motivated this week than I had ever been. On Monday, Me and Jon decided to see how strong we've gotten from our training.

Before I say this though, I have to admit that for a while I was training Jon too heavy and for the last 6-9 months I've been training him better. Any hoot, We didn't max out(I don't believe in maxing out in the gym!!), but we did singles...4 sets of 1 rep. Jon did 325 for 4 sets of 1. His first two sets weren't that good, but the last two were better...I'm the opposite.

My best sets are the first few. I did 370(with bench shirt and suit) for 4 sets of 1 rep rather easily. I was surprised and proud of how our training had progressed. I judged Jon's max around 360-370 and my own around 410-420. I was proud of Jon and myself because we went almost a year without testing our boundaries. That wasn't the amazing part though!! We did a "death" set with 225. Jon did 12 reps with 225 and I did 20 reps with 225. This showed how hard we've been working.

Oh, and I'm going through the stages of the new bench program that will be available later this month or the next. On Thursday, doing arms was a great workout. We started out with barbell curls working up to 135 for 3 reps(6-5-4-3) and then we dropped to 85lbs and did a "death" set. After preacher curls we did close-grip bench. Me and Jon worked up to 275 for 5 sets of 2 reps and then we went off to 50 rep pushdowns and then did bench dips for a "death" set. Jon really liked these because they were tough.

We went heavy on hammer curls with me doing 110s and Jon doing 100s. I was proud of Jon because he was able to do the 100s on hammer curls. Then we did rope hammer curls for 3 sets of 15 reps to finish off the forearms. On Friday, I was solo because Jon had some personal matters to attend to.

I did the Rack Bench press for 3 sets of 15 with 285(lockouts) and then moved onto machine squats. I haven't done these in a while so I went as heavy as 16 plates(total which is 720) for 4 reps on the third set. Then I moved onto the leg press for 2 muscle-rounds and then did high reps on seated leg curls and standing calf raises and called it a week. I didn't do abs on Friday because they were sore from Monday...go figure!!

Well, next week will be a completely different workout in itself and like I said i'm going through the motions with this bench program i've created. When i start training for a bench meet, everything will have been adjusted right. Also, I'll be back to updating my website this coming week with more stay tuned folks!! Also look for an interview with Brent Mikesell..the squat king and an article on my testimonials of my fusion athletes. Well, until next week..stay big

Curtis D.

Curtis D.
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