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The philosophy of this system is one thing... building muscle.

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This week's training was a lot better. I found some more training method(that comes to a total of 19 training methods). We decided to give some of them a try. On the bench press, Me and Jon did 6 sets of 2 reps with mimimum rest between sets. But we did sub-maximal weight. I did 6 sets of 2 reps with 315 and Jon did the same with 265. I'm doing to stay with 315 for a while and Jon the same with 265.

Incline Cable Flyes were next and we did the blitz-pump method getting our chest pumped then we went to DB bench press, where I broke the 150s after doing a set of 4. Jon was worried about me after that second set because I was so tired. I went from 135s on the first set, then the 150s, then back to the 135s and then 145s on the last set. I did 115s and 135s for his four sets.

Shoulder went ok, we are going to do a different method on shoulders for our bench press next week. But we did do some Arnold Presses, which I think are great for benching, and Plate Raises, an old exercise I haven't done in years. Tuesday, I was training solo while my partner had to make errands. I did no deadlifts because I wanted to alternate deadlifts and good mornings. Next week, I'm doing back to rack deadlifts.

My back however has been getting stronger since being on the muscletech stack. I'll have to do something next week to bomb them. Thursday was arms and they were great. I went up to four plates(45s) on the Hammer Strength Preacher Curls which some thought was amazing and now that I'm thinking about it, the last time I did this much weight, I was using every ounce of strength, but now it was easy.

Jon did about 30 pounds less than me on the last set which was great for him. After doing those and DB curls, we went to Barbell Curls, doing them super-slow and to failure. Our arms were pumped to the max. Then Triceps were up doing rope kickbacks for four sets and then moved onto close-grip bench press for explosive reps(for the bench press again). We went to the max on Pushdowns and then did Forearm Cable Curls for three sets of 15 reps. On Friday, after doing 3 sets of 15 with 225 on the bench press, me and Jon went onto Squats.

My focus was to do 425 deep without the suit, but I managed only two sets of 5 reps (2 or 3 of those reps per set were deep). I'll stay here until I do 2 sets of 6 deep with 425. Jon was focused as well this day, he did 315 for both sets of 6 (not at deep). His knee was feeling better and I was glad on that. Me and Jon then became the focus of the gym when we went to the leg press. We did the MPO method where I did 3 reps with 1000 and Jon did 810 for 3 reps.

I believe that me and Jon were focused on the leg press whereas most guys are spent after squats. I'm proud of what we done on the leg press. We went to leg extensions for 50-reps, standing leg curls for 50 reps, and 50 reps on seated calf raises. After the workout, I recruited a guy for my powerlifting team, who I believe may be a future bench champion. He's 18 at 180-190 and already benching 385!! So far for my powerlifting team, I have four guys(including me and my partner) and could be looking for one more.

As for my stack, I'm still on it reilgiously and I'm obviously gaining strength and getting leaner as more and more people are approaching me and telling me that I should do a show. Guess that means that I'm on my way. Oh, my website is down for two weeks, but I will be offering membership on my site. Stay tuned for more. Well, until next week, stay big

PS I'm also hitting 250 in bodyweight!

Curtis D.
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