Debi Laszewski Takes Experience To Ms. International 2010!

Debi Laszewski is beautiful, sassy, humble, and excited about her life and bodybuilding. She is as gentle in person and can light up any stage. Find what she thinks.

Debi Laszewski is beautiful, sassy, humble, and excited about her life and bodybuilding. She is as gentle in person as she is in her interview answers. Debi can light up any stage and she is grateful for any and all opportunities.

She believes in the sport and lives bodybuilding year round and believes, unlike others, that the sport is judged fairly. Competing in her 3rd Ms. International competition, Debbie considers herself a competitor, not a contender for the title. In my opinion she could leave as the champ and will be the one to watch in Columbus, Ohio.

Name: Debi Laszewski
Age: 41
Height: 5' 3 1/2"
Weight: Off-season, 154; Contest, 145
Where Do You Live? Jupiter, Florida
What Gym Do You Train In? Fitness America/Golds Gym
What Is Your Website?

[ Jen Hendershott ] Debi, the word around town is that you are a front runner to win the International competition this year in bodybuilding. Have you heard this? What are your thoughts?

[ Debi Laszewski ]

      No, I have not heard this. I have been focusing on training and preparing for this show. I am pleasantly surprised! I try to look ahead and keep focused on what I have to do and not get distracted by various opinions or statements. But, I really do appreciate the support.

[ JH ] Who is your biggest competition and why?

[ DL ]

      On any given day I believe that anyone can be my competition. But, based on my current placings, if I had to pick someone it would be

Iris Kyle

      . Again, I stay focused and really compete against myself everyday. That seems to work best for me.

[ JH ] How many times have you stepped on this stage?

[ DL ]

      This will be my 3rd time on the Arnold stage and I love this show.

[ JH ] What are you doing differently for this show than you have done in preparation for past shows?

[ DL ]

      There are some things I do the same, and there are some things I do differently, but the end result is to be better each time. I train everyday like it is my last day to train.

[ JH ] What is your current training schedule?

[ DL ]

      I am currently training everyday. I train different body parts each day and do cardio daily.

[ JH ] What is your nutrition regimen like?

[ DL ]

      As I get closer to the show I vary my carbs and fats and increase my meals and proteins.

[ JH ] Why are you so passionate about women's bodybuilding? Why not fitness or figure?

[ DL ]

      I admire fitness and figure, but I personally love the extreme challenge that bodybuilding presents while remaining feminine. I don't think I could ever train with less intensity or volume. It seems to be in my blood.

[ JH ] You are one of the prettiest bodybuilders in the industry. What do you do to stay as feminine as possible and stay so pretty?

[ DL ]

      Well thank you Jen. I appreciate that, and to be honest, I work really hard at it and spend a lot of money on maintenance. I love being a woman and I embrace the beauty of what I can do with my physique and yet be beautiful. I hope to encourage others to do the same.

[ JH ] What are your competition plans for 2010?

[ DL ]


the Arnold

      I will be competing in the Olympia.

[ JH ] Tell us one thing about your contest preparation that most people would never guess that you do. There has to be something specific and off the wall, right?

[ DL ]

      Well, along with staying busy running my two businesses, during my contest prep I get a bit restless. So, this is when I clean out my house and organize quite a bit. In terms of preparation, I only need to do 20 minutes of cardio a day to get conditioned. I also have a coffee table book coming out soon. It has been a 4 year project for me.

The main reason for the book is to educate people on female bodybuilding and to change the stigma surrounding it. It contains 70 photos of me taken around the country. It also contains spiritual quotes that I have lived by and that have helped me in this sport.

I hope to inspire many people with the book and give them a new view into women's bodybuilding in an artful way. We are shooting to release the book at the Arnold. The cost is $125.

[ JH ] Is there anyone you would like to thank?

[ DL ]

      I would like to thank my nutritionist,

George Farah

      , who has believed in me from the start and is teaching me to do the same. Lastly, my boyfriend, Kurt, who has been by my side and supported me in ways I hope others can experience at least once in their lifetime.

Bodybuilding Tips/Thoughts:

[ JH ] What do most bodybuilders do wrong from day one?

[ DL ]

      They do not remain humble.

[ JH ] What is your favorite part of the competition?

[ DL ]

      My favorite part is performing and getting the rush of success that day.

[ JH ] What do you say to people who think that having muscle is over the top?

[ DL ]

      It's not for everyone, but I love it.

[ JH ] Where do you see bodybuilding in 3 years?

[ DL ]

      I see it making a turn around with more and more women competing.

[ JH ] Do you feel the judging is fair in bodybuilding?

[ DL ]

      Yes, I do.

Fun Facts About You:

[ JH ] Are you married, dating, or single?

[ DL ]

      I have a boyfriend.

[ JH ] What song/artist pumps you up for a great workout?

[ DL ]

      Right now I enjoy Keesha.

[ JH ] What is one thing that you always say that annoys people?

[ DL ]

      "I'm tired."

[ JH ] Who is the one person you admire most?

[ DL ]

      My boyfriend for being able to put up with me.

[ JH ] If you could be a famous actress who would it be?

[ DL ]

      Michelle Pfeiffer.