The Secret To Building A Strong, Healthy, Muscular Body!

The secret to creating the kind of body you want and then keeping it requires several things before it can happen (does not include the couch!). I will detail these points right here!

Here is the secret to creating the kind of body you want to have and keeping it!Most people start on a mission to develop a strong and muscular body but fall far short of attaining it let alone keeping it. Here are the three major changes in your life that must be made in order for you to achieve any goal or desire you may have.

Change 1: Know What You Want and Accept Nothing Less!

If you really want a muscular and healthy physique, the first thing you must do is believe you can have it.

When people see pictures of how badly my leg was mangled up from the accident, they ask how did you ever get through that? I tell them I would not accept failure. I would accept nothing less than success.

I demanded this from myself, wrote it down on paper, and gave myself no other choice. It was an all or nothing approach I took to getting what I wanted. Anyone who has beaten the odds has done the same and so can you if you make the decision to do it.

Change 2: Alter Your Beliefs!

If you decide that you want to become a bodybuilding champion or any other goal you may aspire to achieve but you don't believe you can achieve it; you've already sabotaged yourself. You won't even try!

You'll lack that inner sense of confidence that lets you tap into your strongest powers. Our beliefs are like unquestioned commands that let us know what is possible and impossible. You must alter your belief system and develop a sense of certainty that you can and will achieve your goals even before you do.

Change 3: Changing Your Strategy!

In order to stick with the goals you wrote down on paper and committed yourself to, you need the best system for achieving them. In my studies of successful people I noticed that once a person commits him or herself to a goal and believed that they could achieve it, they always found a way to do it.

Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, Helen Keller, and so many other inspiring individuals started with very little yet found a way to get what they wanted.

Look around at those who have accomplished what you are trying to accomplish and find out what they did to succeed. If no one else has done what you're trying to do, blaze a new trail and be the first to do it.

Can You Imagine Having The Body You Want?

Your imagination is literally the workshop wherein all plans and goals are created. Your impulses and desires are given shape, form, and action through the aid of the imaginative faculty of your mind. You are what you think you are.

It is through the aid of your imagination that you harness the powers that are needed to both develop and achieve your goals. I have found that the older people get and the less they use their imagination, the less likely they are to achieve anything new.

Instead of paying attention to what they want and then believing they can get it, they accept what others say. For instance, I hear people say the reason they're getting fat and feeling weak are because they're getting old.

This is totally false. The reason a person gets fat and feels weak is because they're not exercising correctly or eating nutritious foods. If everyone got fat and out of shape because of age, no one would be in shape. How do you explain physically fit older people who live a healthy lifestyle?

The point I'm trying to make is most people accept at face value myths or old beliefs without even questioning them. You must think and question any comment or reason given for being limited in accomplishing any goal you undertake. Do not accept the limited thinking of others as your own.

Personally for me as I wake up in the morning and go about starting my day, I keep reminding myself that each and everyday I am building a healthier, more muscular, and energetic body. I convince myself that because I eat nutritious foods, lift weights and keep a positive mental out look on life; my body will never fall ill and fail me.

I am growing stronger with age and will continue to do so for as long as I live. You must be able to imagine yourself with the type of body you want to possess and believe in it if you are ever to achieve it.

Are False Beliefs About Yourself Holding You Back?

Maybe you have been preconditioned to believe that you cannot have the body you dream about having. Someone may have told you that you don't have the physical or genetic make-up to build a healthy and muscular physique. You should always ask yourself this question:

"Is that an opinion based upon actual fact -
or upon an assumption or false conclusion?"

I would accept the comment as just an opinion and nothing more. In fact if someone told me I could not have something I desired, I would then proceed to prove him or her wrong by transforming my desire into reality.

Far too often people develop limiting beliefs about who they are and what they're capable of achieving. Because of past failures or disappointments they believe they won't be able to succeed in the future.

As a result of this pain they feel from past failures or disappointments they develop beliefs that cause them to hesitate or not give they're all when trying to get something they want and the end result is limited success.

You must always remember, "The past doesn't equal the future." If you have tried to workout and eat healthy but did not stay the course, that was then and this is now. You may have been following a method or style of eating and training that was not right for you. Start over again and don't stop trying until you figure out what is the best way for you to succeed.

Why You Should Re-Evaluate Your Beliefs!

If you want to succeed in attaining the physique of your dreams you must re-evaluate your beliefs in yourself. If there are negative thoughts or memories of past failure that hold you down, you have got to alter the meaning of those events. The easiest way to change a belief is to make it work for you instead of against you.

Here Is How It Is Done

Let's suppose that at one time you wanted to enter a bodybuilding competition but halfway through the pre-contest dieting and training cycle you quit. The strict dieting and training became too hard and you dropped out of the competition. As time marches on you desire to take a shot at another show but feel the fear of past failure and remember stopping short of reaching your goal.

That is a negative feeling that needs to be altered if you wish to succeed. And this is how you go about changing the negative feeling. Instead of seeing the past as a failure you should change it to a positive.

Say to yourself, "The last time I entered a contest I did not know how to diet and train correctly, I learned a lesson in how not to do diet and train for a contest and this time I'll make the correct adjustments and do it right."

Now you have changed a negative emotion into a learning tool. You can change any of your past feelings of failure into new beliefs that empower you to go forward. If Frank Zane, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Larry Scott or any other great bodybuilding champion quit after their first defeat they never would have become a great champion. And that goes for any goal in life you choose for yourself.

What Can The Power Of Deep Desire Accomplish?

The starting point for achieving a healthy and muscular body is the desire to have one. Wishing for a muscular physique will not give you one. But desiring a healthy, muscular, and super-fit physique with a state of mind that becomes an obsession, then planning definite ways and means to attain that physique, and backing those plans with constant persistence that does not recognize failure, will bring you a healthy, muscular and super-fit physique.

It is not enough to wish or daydream about health and vitality; you must actively pursue it and never stop until you get it. If you have the desire to win a bodybuilding title, go for it! A burning desire to do something is the starting point from which your dreams are launched.

Your dreams will never become a reality if you're lazy or lack ambition. If that were the case 95% of the population would be physically fit. Statistics show that the majority of people never follow through with the plans they develop on how to get what they want. That is the reason why so many people do not have the body they want.

Don't be a statistic, be a leader and get what you want through dreams, desires, ambition, and an unstoppable will to achieve.

What Is Rational Thought?

When dreaming about the body you want you should always use rational thought to help you get it that much faster. Through conscious thought you examine and analyze all that you read and especially what you hear around your place of work or the gym that you train at.

Accept that which is true and reject what is not. It is the job of your conscious rational mind to form logical and correct conclusions.

If you hear that you can have the perfect physique by working out three times per week and not changing your diet, or by taking the latest super new weight loss pill twice per day and eating what you want and still lose all you're unwanted fat, both remarks sound neither logical nor rational.

Use your conscious mind and not your emotions when evaluating a commercial product for weight loss or muscular gains that you may see advertised on TV or in a magazine. If the product sounds too good to be true, it's most likely playing on your emotions and should be avoided.

You Will Never Know Unless You Try!

All too often people develop limiting beliefs about what they are capable of doing. Because in the past they haven't succeeded in taking off the fat or putting on the muscle, they believe that they can't do it now.

As a result of this negative feeling, they focus on what has happened in the past instead of giving their attention to what they now want. They live in fear of being disappointed again and hesitate, or just give up and quit trying.

Maybe you have come to the conclusion that you just can't have the physique you want. If that's what you think, then you're right! Henry Ford once said,

"Whether you believe you can or can't, you're probably right."

Henry Ford:
American automobile manufacturer who developed a gasoline-powered automobile (1893), founded the Ford Motor Company (1903), and mass-produced the Model T (1908-1927), the first generally affordable and widely available automobile. His son Edsel Bryant Ford (1893-1943) ran the company from 1919 to 1943, as did his grandson Henry Ford II (1917-1987) from 1945 to 1980.

You see we are whatever we want to be and if you believe you can't do something you will find a way to fail. But if you change your belief and believe that you can do it, you will find a way to succeed.

Why You Should Decide Just What You Want!

The first thing you should decide is what kind of physique you want. Muscular and lean physique, maybe a muscular and bulky physique, or you could want a powerful and athletic physique, or maybe just a healthy body that allows you to live an active life.

Whatever your personal preference, you must decide what you want—not what you don't want. Once you know what you want you must concentrate your thoughts upon getting it.

To spend time and effort concentrating upon what you do not want is neither rational nor beneficial to you. If you concentrate on what you do not want you most surely will get what you don't want as that's where all your attention is being given. You must know what your goal is and concentrate on achieving it.

What It Means To Keep Your Eye On The Ball!

It is the job of your conscious mind to pay attention to the task at hand. Take note each day of what changes are taking place in the way you feel and perform. Are you feeling refreshed each day and ready to lift the weights?

Do you have enough energy and stamina to have a great workout instead of a mediocre workout? Are you making progress in the gym and lifting more weight or performing more reps with the same amount of weight?

You have to keep your eye on these details, as they are signs that you are either on the right track or the wrong track. If you feel tired you may have to adjust your food intake or look into your sleeping habits, as they may not be adequate for you. If your workouts are lagging and your sleep and nutrition are in order, you may need to change your workout program around and give yourself something new as you may be getting bored with the routine.

The point I'm trying to make is that you need to pay attention to how you feel and make the proper changes needed if you want to keep improving.

How To Relax and Get The Body You Want!

Stress and worry seem to be two of the biggest obstacles in getting what you desire. When I tell you to keep your eye on the ball, I say this so you will be in-tune with your physical self and able to make small changes when needed. All too often people start a program and constantly worry if what they're doing is right or if they're doing it right.

You should lay out a plan that's based around your personal needs and then go about it making adjustments along the way. You should never worry or feel anxious all the time wondering if you're doing everything right. As time goes on you will know what changes to make based on the progress that you're making.

If you sit and worry about it all the time you'll constantly make changes to your training and eating patterns and never find the right mix for yourself.

Sometimes a program seems too simple and we want to complicate it and make it harder than it has to be. Learn to relax and let your instincts take control. Don't try to figure everything out with your brain, learn to trust your inner feelings and let them guide you along.

If you are craving protein one day and maybe more carbohydrates the next, go with the feeling. Your body will let you know what it needs all you have to do is listen to it and act accordingly.

All too often people stick with the written down plan and ignore their instincts. As time goes on you'll learn to follow the program you laid out while learning to trust your instincts when you're craving something or feel you need to make a temporary change in your sleeping or eating pattern.

Just remember that too much stress and worry about the little things will only lead to bigger problems. Relax and let go, only then can you take control.

Are You Being Too Careful?

This is precisely what so many bodybuilders are trying to do; they follow a training routine to the point of such exactness that they overlook their own personal needs. Even the best laid-out training routine will need some tweaking to customize it to your physique.

Each bodybuilder has his or her personal goals and individual requirements that should be addressed, but once the changes are made the program should be followed with a mood of confidence and not worrying about every little detail.

I have been in the gym and witnessed underweight aspiring to be bodybuilders performing endless sets of side lateral raises and cable flyes trying to build big shoulders and chest muscles. They perform each and every set in strict fashion with no cheating or swinging of the weights.

They always come-up to me and ask me why after months of strict training their muscles are not growing and bigger. When I tell them to stop doing those isolated exercises with Mickey Mouse weights and start squatting and deadlifting with heavy weights they look at me like I'm crazy. The magazines show all the top bodybuilding Champions doing these exercises, why not them?

Once again these guys are not paying attention to their own needs and following to strictly another person's workout. Don't be too careful, analyze and then implement what's right for you and you'll make progress on a consistent basis.

What Is The Secret Of Creative Thinking?

If you look back through the history of bodybuilding or any sport you'll notice that the athlete's who always excelled or stood out above the rest were the ones who didn't blindly accept and follow the traditional methods. They demanded more from themselves and found new ways to go about getting it.

Through trial and error they followed their instincts and experimented with new and different ways to break out of the old and create something new and better.

Just 40 years ago weight lifting was frowned upon and thought to be bad for a person's health, especially older people. Athletes were not to lift weights as it was said lifting weights would make them muscle bound and maybe even give them a heart attack.

If everybody accepted the myth as truth and never questioned it and experimented with it where would we be today? Never be afraid to question the traditional and seek something more.

Who Else Used Creative Thinking?

In all that is new someone or some group of people were being creative. In the auto industry it was Henry Ford. In the creative industry it was Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers. Political leaders were George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. In the world of bodybuilding Eugene Sandow, Bob Hoffman, the Weider Brothers, Steve Reeves, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others broke the mold and started something new.

If you are to succeed in building the physique of your dreams, you must cast aside all doubts and limitations about yourself and move forward in full confidence that you'll get exactly what you want. If you can do that, then you will surely achieve your goals.

How You Can Use Creative Thinking!

Although COACTION is based on scientific study as well as being proven to work for many others and myself, I never want you to accept anything with blind faith. Always study and experiment after you become accustomed to the system.

Never just jump in and make drastic changes, but try to customize the program to better fit your personal needs after you have followed it for several months. Maybe you'll find a new way to do something and make it more progressive for yourself.

You should always stick with what works but never stop experimenting with new ideas or thoughts that may come to you. In doing so you may find ways to help others as well as yourself.