Clean Super Bowl Treats: 4 Recipes For A Healthier Super Bowl Party

Even if you're preparing for a contest, you can still enjoy eating and socializing during the Super Bowl. Here are the clean recipes you need!

Last year, I was only a month into preparing for my first contest when my house was suddenly full of men guzzling beer and eating nachos, wings, and pizza in celebration of the big game. Although I was tempted by all this delicious food, I was not going to let the Super Bowl celebration derail my goal of stepping on stage!

Necessity breeds creativity. I met the challenge and created healthy snacks so my diet wouldn't keep me from socializing and enjoying the game. These snacks came in the form of the following four recipes. They looked and smelled so good that the guys at my house were eyeing my food curiously and enviously. When I offered to share, they were impressed that these flavorful treats were, in fact, healthy!

These recipes work for your Super Bowl get-together, and you can use them as go-to snacks for any party. Enjoy!

1. BBQ Chicken Flatbread

This recipe is a great choice for the big game, but is also one of my favorites for a stay-at-home Friday night treat. It's simple, quick, and oh-so-good. You'll never have to order a barbecue chicken pizza again!

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2. Baked Yam Fries

Everyone loves fries! Add them to your Super Bowl menu or implement them into your everyday lean diet. For new flavors, try experimenting with herbs and spices like rosemary and garlic, cayenne pepper and paprika, or even cinnamon and Stevia for a sweet treat!

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3. Egg-Salad-Filled Endive Cups

These yummy snacks are the perfect low-carb finger food! They're full of healthy fats, protein, and delicious creamy flavor!

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4. Sesame Soy Kale Chips

Kale is a superfood! I love it in salads, stir fries, green juices and protein smoothies. This recipe makes kale irresistible to even the toughest veggie critic. The chips are crisp, light, and full of flavor. Even better, you won't have to worry if you accidentally devour the whole plate!

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