Brooke Erickson Fitness 360: Supplements

When hard times and trials confront us, we adapt and overcome. Brooke Erickson uses supplementation to defeat nutritional deficits and beat her tough past.

When you push your body to the max, like Brooke Erickson and the bodybuilding elite, your body's energy and nutrient sources get sapped like a puddle in the sun.

Brooke sticks to the basics: Creatine, protein, branched-chain amino acids, multivitamins and the occasional fat-burner. Supplement stacks are delicate combinations, and what she takes might not be best for everyone. Remember, she trains like hell, so she must replenish the fuel her body uses.

Brooke Erickson's Fitness Program
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Brooke's Supplementation

Brooke takes branched-chain amino acids right after her workout to recover from the stress of hard training. She introduces creatine when trying to grow, or during her 4-week strength phase.

Protein is her heavy hitter. She takes "lots and lots of protein," and that's about it for her. Sweet and simple. Creatine, BCAAs, protein, and a multi.

"You should take a multivitamin anyway, but when you're dieting you might be reducing your calories and your body is definitely going to need nutrients to help fill in any gaps."

During a bulking phase, Brooke takes a protein with more carbs in it, so they hit her immediately after her workout (so she won't burn lean muscle). She said during her strength and hypertrophy phases she'll take a protein with multiple sources for long-term fuel.

Brooke takes casein at night, and occasionally treats herself with a casein/ice-cream concoction.

Brooke's Supplementation Philosophy

Generally speaking, the right supplements are an important part of my diet. I strive to get most of my macros nutrients from real foods, but sometimes that's unrealistic. I track my macronutrients daily and usually require some sort of protein supplement to hit my target in lieu of attempting to scarf down 8 chicken breasts in a day.

I choose supplements based on my goals and usually change things up through the year to achieve my desired result. Often it's hard to stay on track with meals because of my schedule or things that just come up - which happens more often than not managing three kids' schedules!

It's times like these that I grab a protein shake or put a few meal replacement bars in my purse to eat on the go. It's nice because I know what I'm eating and it works well in a pinch.

If I want to gain lean mass, I will take supplements that help facilitate that particular goal (such as protein and creatine). If I want to lean-out for a show, I take supplements that assist in the process (including proteins that have a lower-carb content and other supplements including CLA, l-carnitine and fish oil).

Brooke's Supplement Stack

Helps me to hit target macros.

2 scoops pre- and post-workout Foundation Series Women's Multivitamin