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BodySpace Member Of The Month: Lacey Got It Done!

Spokesmodels need to be fit, intelligent, and striking. Most of all, they must believe in the cause. Lacey Dunn is up to the assignment!

Lacey Dunn was a cheerleader in high school and college, where she lived up to tough physical standards and maintained an incredible fitness level. The same training and discipline that served for cheer have helped her find a foothold as a fitness model.

In the last year, a lot has changed for this 20 year old. She left the cheer team at the University of Central Florida and transferred to Georgia to study dietetics. Then she entered a contest on BodySpace to become our next spokesmodel. She competed in LA in February and finished as the first runner-up, which means you'll be seeing her on our site regularly!

The whirlwind year continues this spring and summer for Lacey. She must adjust to newfound fame and a challenging major at Georgia. Learn more about the rise of this young bikini model and how she plans to assist in the quest to further spread fitness around the globe.

How did the BodySpace Spokesmodel Contest change the way you look at fitness?

At Central Florida, we had practices four times every week, workouts twice a week, and on top of that, we performed at games and events.

The BodySpace Spokesmodel Contest made me realize how big this industry really is and how much of an impact I can potentially make. It lit a fire under me to continue to strive to help others reach their goals.

Being around the whole team was such a blessing because they inspire me! I was at a loss for words to be near and affiliated with such amazing people.

How did your background in cheer set you up as a fitness model?

College cheerleading is like a full-time job. They go through cheer practices, stunt practices, tumbling practices, and, yes, weight training. At Central Florida, we had practices four times every week, workouts twice a week, and on top of that, we performed at games and events.

The workouts were all planned out by our trainers for our sport, focusing on lots of fast-paced, explosive movements and strength to jump and tumble.

Contest History

  • Orlando Europa April 11, 2014: 6th place Open Bikini, 3rd Teen Bikini
  • NPC Ruby Classic April 26, 2014: 9th Open Bikini
  • NPC Georgia July 5, 2014: 3rd Open Bikini
  • BodySpace Spokesmodel Contest Finals February 7, 2015: 1st Runner-Up

What made you decide to change course and pursue dietetics?

I transferred in the summer of 2014 to the University of Georgia to pursue a degree in dietetics because I knew I wanted to help people with nutrition. I want to help give out the right info, because nutrition can be so confusing. This is where my heart is, because I believe that food and nutrition are such big parts of our lives. That is a place I can put my knowledge to work to help others.

How can you help us convince people that nutrition is as important as exercise?

What you eat affects your goals, daily health, metabolism, and life. You can't reach your goals unless you properly fuel your body and ingest what it needs to carry out its daily functions.

By optimizing your nutrition, you can also take your training to the next level.

By optimizing your nutrition, you can also take your training to the next level. Poor nutrition is like putting low-grade gasoline in your car. You have to search out and pay for the quality and quantity of fuel you need to perform!

In the long term, I want to be in a face-to-face dietician setting, where I can get to know my clients, provide them with a meal plan they love, and teach them about nutrition along the way. I would also love to work with a corporation like Kellogg's or a big company and help provide them with the knowledge they need to come out with products that consumers would benefit from.

As a spokesmodel you have to confront global fitness issues. How do you think you may impact the community, globally and locally?

I hope to spread the news and be a good example of living the fit lifestyle! I believe that's what fitness should be. It should be a part of life that you love and live for—being healthy and being your best self. I believe in moderation, fueling your body, and doing what you love.

You can enjoy the foods you love, enjoy your workouts, and reach your goals. I want to be a light for others who are in the dark, someone who can help push them to where they want to be.

Locally, I would love to train people! I absolutely love helping people in the gym—when they ask—and answering people's questions.

I love to see that fire and spark in their eyes, knowing that they just started or are ready to soak up knowledge. It excites me, because I remember when that was me!

It warms my heart to know I can make an impact on new trainees, just like other people did for me in the past.

What was your impression of the other contestants in the spokesmodel contest?

I loved every single one of them! They were all sweet, encouraging, and fun! We all had a blast together and I could see why every single person was chosen. Everyone was so helpful. Hearing their stories and how they have gotten to where they are was so inspiring. I was like "Wow. I'm blessed to be with these people." I want a reunion! is all about the people, devoting time to helping customers and readers in any way. They ... we really do change lives!

That's why I love The company is all about the people, devoting time to helping customers and readers in any way. They ... we really do change lives!

Nutritional Regimen

I vary my meal timing daily based on my class schedule and workout schedule. Most of the time, I start my first meal at 11 a.m.

Meal 1: Breakfast
Meal 2: Snack
Meal 3: Normally pre-workout
Meal 4: Post-workout
Meal 5: Dinner
Meal 6: Dessert

Training Regimen

Day 1: Shoulders/Triceps
Day 2: Legs
Day 3: 2 p.m. Back/Biceps
Day 4: Legs
Day 5: 2 p.m. Chest/Shoulders
Day 6: Back/Biceps

This is normally the same workout as Wednesday, minus a few tweaks and changed orders in sets.

Day 7: Rest

Lacey's Favorite Gym Tracks

Mark Ronson
"Uptown Funk"
Iggy Azalea
Kelly Clarkson
"Heartbeat Song"

Supplementation Regimen

Upon waking
With pre-workout meal
Before bed

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