BodyGroup Of The Month: The Lord Is My Strength.

The Lord Is My Strength is a group of people who recognize that all strength obtained is through God himself. Strength is more than just appearing strong through the physical state.

Bodygroup Of The Month

Vital Stats

Group Profile: The LORD is my strength
Group Founder: kmeador
Date Founded: December 28, 2008
Number of Members: 575 (as of October 25, 2010)

Group Description:

We are a group of people who recognize that all strength obtained is through God himself. Strength is more than just appearing strong through the physical state. God has no limits, therefore through him a strong heart, mind, and physical state are also limitless.

Group Commitment:

"Every member of this group committed to..."

Everyone that joins must be willing to encourage others in any way possible.

Q. What is your BodyGroup about and who are the members?

Philippians 2:1-4. We seek to be healthy and obtain a healthy appearance not for selfish reasons, but to be a person of confidence and strength in our service.

It is not easy, and it is not always enjoyable. But if we persevere and push our way through the challenges and temptations along the way, the reward is becoming a person we are proud of.

This is true in both our spiritual lives as well as our fitness lives. Confidence, perseverance, and dedication builds leaders. In our service, we need to be leaders.

Q. Why did the founder start up the group?

What better way is there to be motivated than to improve your overall well-being through fellowship and fitness minded people?

Q. What have your results been with starting the group?

We now have a very large family of brothers and sisters in Christ who are there for one another no matter how many miles apart we all may be.

This sister may be by herself, but she isn't alone. Just ask the other 750 members!
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This sister may be by herself, but she isn't alone.
Just ask the other 750 members!

Q. How do your members use the BodyGroup feature?

Members use the group for prayer, fellowship, and fitness advice.

Q. Who are some of your notable members?

Every person in the group is a notable member. They all strive to live for something beyond themselves.

It doesn't matter what level of fitness they are at, they have all made the decision to fight for Christ and use that strength to become a figure inside and out that others can look up to.

Q. How would you explain the attitude needed in your group, to a new member?

Philippians 2:5.

Q. In what way has motivating other BodySpace users, given you the ability to push yourself to new levels?

After starting the group to help keep other motivated, I have received more encouragement than I ever have. In return, it pushed me to a higher level in my spiritual and physical life as well!

Q. What would you tell someone who is contemplating making a commitment to joining your group, to motivate them make the commitment?

Why wouldn't you want to join a family of fitness minded and Christ-centered people?

Q. How do you think the group mentality applies to your personal life and how has it helped?

The groups mentality applies to my own personal life because we all share the same a life for God, and be healthy while doing it!

Health, fitness, and piety—the perfect combination.
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Health, fitness, and piety—the perfect combination.

Q. Why join your group as opposed to other transformation groups?

Well, if someone is looking for a Christian fitness group to join, why limit yourself to just one? I encourage you to join all the Christian groups that are on the site.

Q. How do you feel, is the best way to motivate others within the confines of the group page?

Prayer, sharing your thoughts, experience, advice, and all the encouragement you can give!

The Power Of Groups

The cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead once said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever does." So what's the secret? Why are groups so powerful? The answer lies in their social dynamic!

  • Group members often have the same goals.
  • They motivate one another.
  • They learn from each other.
  • They become a family that provides support when times are tough and entertainment when things are good!

Strength in numbers = Strength in body
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Strength in numbers = Strength in body

Build Success:

    Having the right social network can define success in any endeavor that you pursue. After all, a man is judged by the company he keeps. Someone who shares your goals can help you overcome any adversity.

    Finding that person, however, can be just as difficult. A BodyGroup can connect you with people who can mentor you, challenge you, and exchange ideas that you might not have come across otherwise.

Help Others:

    You, in turn, can help others on the same path. By acting as both student and teacher, keeping an open mind to new ideas and different methods, you may be the catalyst to the success of your group. Helping someone else with their goals can be very rewarding, and oftentimes, we benefit just as much by helping out.

    BodyGroups are a great way to ask questions, learn, and make progress in a fun and positive environment! No matter what goals you have in mind, don't do it all alone-join a BodyGroup and find all the support you need, any time, all the time.

    Joining a group is quick and easy! Find a group that matches up with what you want to do, check them out, and join! Then it's just up to you to contribute and communicate.

Start Your Own Group:

    What if the group I am looking for doesn't exist? Maybe you can't find the group you were looking for. That's ok, because you can start your own group, and then invite others to join you! You can even start and be a member of multiple BodyGroups. If having one circle of friends is good, then more is better!

Welcome To BodyGroups!
BodyGroups are a great online support system. Want to achieve success, reach a goal, stay motivated, and have other fitness enthusiasts keep you accountable? Then BodyGroups is the best tool for you!
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