BodyGroup Of The Month: Legs Of Steel

It’s never easy to do this alone. When you are in need of a little nudge, join a BodyGroup of likeminded people and use them as motivation to keep going.

BodyGroup Name: Legs Of Steel
Group Profile: Legs Of Steel
Group Founder: joeshav
Date Founded: April 20, 2012
# of Members: 756 (as of March 19, 2013)

Leg day separates men from bros. If your calves are thinner than a runway model and you're tired of catching flak for having chicken legs, it's time to invest in steel.

The Legs of Steel BodyGroup stands by its members, supports them and encouraged each member to develop muscular legs. This takes time—you can't get quadriceps implants! Muscle, like wealth, is accrued over time. Join this group. Put in the time, because your legs are what carry you through life!

The Legs of Steel BodyGroup is relatively new among the thousands of groups in Bodyspace, but the desire for better leg training is timeless. Join us in congratulating the Legs of Steel members, this month's BodyGroup of the Month!

Group Description: We are a group of people who would love to develop the overall muscularity in our legs.

Group Commitment: Everyone who is a member of Legs Of Steel must be committed to help motivate and inspire others to build the best set of legs possible through proper leg training.

What is your BodyGroup about, and who are the members?

My BodyGroup Legs Of Steel is about building the best set of legs possible. Our members consist of beginning, intermediate, and experienced lifters. Also a majority of our members are bodybuilders, fitness, figure, and bikini competitors.

Why did you, the founder, start the group?

I started Legs Of Steel to help others gain the size and strength in their quads, hamstrings and calves through quality workouts.

How has leading this group helped your fitness life?

By leading the Legs Of Steel BodyGroup it motivates and inspires me to reach my goals in whatever I do in and out of the gym.

In what ways do your members interact with the BodyGroup feature?

Members ask questions in the BodyGroup Forum by creating their own threads or by posting questions. Every question has received answers by other members. Many members also post in the comments section with their opinions about the group, to ask and answer questions, and receive feedback on their progress.

How would you explain to a new member the attitude needed in your group?

I say the attitude in the group is a very positive and uplifting attitude. We are open to anyone wanting to join with a positive attitude.

Has motivating other BodySpace users given you motivation to push yourself to new levels?

Being a motivator lets you see others reach their goals and that motivates you to push harder to reach bigger and better goals.

How would you motivate someone to make the commitment and join?

I would motivate them by showing that if you need motivation and inspiration from others to build the best set of legs possible, this is the group for you.

How do you think the group mentality applies to your personal life and how has it helped?

This group's mentality is positive and full of people wanting to achieve their goals. It has helped me stay positive in everything I do.

Why join Legs of Steel, as opposed to other BodyGroups on BodySpace?

I think the BodyGroup Legs Of Steel is a key motivator for anyone wanting to build the best set of legs possible.

What are the best/worst parts about the BodyGroup pages?

The best part of the BodyGroup pages is that every member of each group has a chance to interact with each other either through the Forum or Comments sections.

Has it been worthwhile for you, to dedicate your time to this group? What are its values beyond fitness?

Yes, it has been really worthwhile for me to dedicate my time to this group. I love seeing other people who share the same interest in keeping fit and living a healthy lifestyle.



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