BodyGroup Of The Month: Imperfect Perfectionists

No one is perfect, but everyone in this group strives toward it!

Group Profile: Imperfect Perfectionists
Group Founder: helenawf
Date Founded: September 2, 2010
# Of Members: 1,240 (as of August 31, 2012)

Teamwork guarantees motivation. Members of the group support each other when individual energy and courage fails. When we break down, our friends and allies wrap their arms around us.

The Imperfect Perfectionists BodyGroup exemplifies the tenets of teamwork and togetherness.

They know their bodies and lives are not perfect, but they are reaching for it. Most importantly, they are committed to failing so that they may succeed the next time around.

Congratulations Imperfect Perfectionists, the August BodyGroup of the Month!

Group Description

We are a group of imperfect perfectionists who know the only way to succeed is to fail and get back up.

Group Commitment

Everyone who joins this BodyGroup must commit to admit his/her failures and successes.

We encourage each other to get back up and strive for the illusory perfection so that we all can achieve excellence!

What is your BodyGroup about and who are the members?

The BodyGroup is Imperfect Perfectionists. We are a group of imperfect perfectionists who know the only way to succeed is to fail and get back up.

I, Helenawf, am the number one cheerleader for the group, and I try to personally greet everyone who joins.

No written commitment is required to join the group. We are looking for likeminded people who want to achieve excellence when perfection is not attainable.

Why did you start up the group?

I wanted to start a group for some time now, but I wanted it to be unique and relate to a lot of people.

Then, I saw a Vince Lombardi quote someone had posted about striving for perfection and getting excellence in return.
I loved it.

As a perfectionist myself, I realized that I could not be perfect but I could live with excellence. So I formed the group to bring others like me together to support each other.

What have your results been with starting the group?

I found out a lot of people feel the same as me—over 1000, actually. I find that commenting on the group page as often as I can helps me to stay focused and to encourage others.

Also, if someone has a question, others can help them find the answer.

How do your members use the BodyGroup feature?

The members use the BodyGroup feature to pose questions in our forum, comment on how their training is going and offer encouragement to others who comment.

Who are some of your notable members?

  • RenderRage09, who is in law enforcement in Illinois, checks in with comments on a regular basis, keeping us all motivated.
  • TheBodyguard is a certified master trainer from Michigan, and another regular commenter with a lot of knowledge.
  • TheYoungGun is an exercise science and sports nutrition student who has a lot of enthusiasm and keeps us all pushing forward.
  • Rolsey is the owner of, and is from England. He is one of the most popular people on Bodyspace and an active member of this group. He leaves encouraging comments.
How would you explain the attitude needed in your group?

The attitude is that we all want perfection, but we realize the key is to accept that we will fail but that in pushing through the failure we can achieve great things.

So a positive attitude is basically all that is needed.

In what way has motivating other BodySpace users given you the ability to push yourself to new levels?

When I feel like quitting or question why I do this, I know that others are watching me and that I can't let them down.

This enables me to keep going to keep pushing myself to go further than I ever thought possible.

What would you tell someone who is contemplating making a commitment to joining your group?

This group is here for you. However, the bottom line is you get what you put into it. If you never visit the group, you can't reap the benefits.

By commenting or participating in our forums, you become part of a grand community of people all striving to better themselves. How great is that?

How do you think the group mentality applies to your personal life, and how has it helped?

Honestly, I get excited every time a new person joins the group. It motivates me to keep being positive and encouraging others.

When I help others, I ignite a fire within me that accomplishes amazing things!

Being in this group is like being in an elite family of high performers that don't compete against each other but instead encourage and motivate each other to excellence.

Why should someone join your group rather than other transformation groups?

We are not about getting "somewhere." There's no single goal or finish line. We realize that fitness is a lifestyle.

Perfection, although unattainable, is still our goal and by striving for it, we will achieve excellence.

How do you feel is the best way to motivate others within the confines of the group page?

Comments are the best way to motivate each other. Forums are good too, but the daily comments are so quick and easy to do and you can check in once a day and read others comments.

If you are having a bad day, say so and you will get others commenting encouraging works. It's that simple!