BodyGroup Of The Month: 0 Time For Fat

This group shares knowledge and tips freely to help us all avoid the fat life!

BodyGroup Name: 0 Time For Fat
Group Founder: Travis Smith (tmsmith13)
Date Founded: March 11, 2010
Number of Members: 1,807

Who has time for fat? About half of the United States, according to the stats. But one BodySpace BodyGroup is turning back the clock to a leaner time.

Travis Smith was no stranger to weight struggles when he founded 0 Time For Fat in 2010. Today, he serves as the in-house facilitator, motivator, and friend to over 1,800 members.

Together, this vibrant online community shares tips, techniques, and helps one another however is necessary. Congratulations, 0 Time For Fat! Your are this month's BodyGroup of the Month!

Group Description

We are a group which wants to look good not only for ourselves, but for our families. We want to be great examples to our kids so they also live a healthy and fit life. We strive to not only look good, but have energy to play with our kids and to be around to meet our great-grandkids.

This group is made up of proud, committed individuals who on any given chance will help any person out however they need. If you need help with which supplements to take, which routine would be better, or how to drop that last couple of pounds to reveal those solid abs, this is the place.

Group Commitment

Our commitment is to strive for change! Always get back on the workout wagon, even if you've been off of it for a little too long.

What is your BodyGroup about?

Living life the way we want to live it! 0 Time for Fat is about taking control of our lives, and making sure that we'll be around to play with our kids, grandkids, and other loved ones.

Most of us want to try to lose body fat, but then there are a few members who want to build muscle and maybe some who want to train to compete. But all of us want a transformation, and we're going to get it one way or another. This BodyGroup makes all that easier.

Our members include soldiers, airmen, veterans, police officers, students, moms, dads, grandfathers, grandmothers, average joes and janes-anyone and everyone!

Why did you start the group?

I started 0 Time for Fat as a distress beacon. I needed help and I figured I wasn't alone.

I was in the U.S. Army, and during my time in service, I started to gain a lot of weight—really fast. I was on the verge of being chaptered out for being overweight. This BodyGroup and saved me and my career.

How has leading this group helped your fitness life?

During my Tour in Afghanistan, I went from 275 pounds, 35 percent body fat to 215 pounds, 19 percent body fat in about eight months using tips and guidance from my members.

In what ways do your members interact with the BodyGroup?

We have members asking for help and members helping them out. And there is always more than one person helping them out.

How would you explain the attitude needed to be in your group?

I would tell them to be honest, helpful, and respectful. We like our members to stand up when someone asks for help. And don't pull random "facts" out of thin air, but tips are always welcome here.

Has motivating other BodySpace users given you motivation to push yourself to new levels?

Yes, I stop and think of their questions or situations that they might run into. Then I help, or I sit back and watch as my members help. I usually follow their advice, even if I wasn't having the problem. I trust my members enough to change a routine or my diet. I haven't been steered wrong yet.

How would you motivate someone to make the commitment and join 0 Time For Fat?

I would have them look at our members' progressions. We may not have a three-time Mr. Universe in our group, but that's the great thing about 0 Time for Fat: They're normal people who show other people how to get results.

How has the group changed your mentality about fitness?

I think it keeps my mind open to suggestions—especially, if I can get tips and tricks on fitness or nutrition.

Why join 0 Time For Fat as opposed to other BodyGroups on BodySpace?

We keep the doors open to anyone who wants to change their body to improve their life. That means more help, encouragement, and confidence boosts from more members. More members can relate to each other, which means they can help one another.



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What are the best/worst parts about the BodyGroup pages?

One of the things I love about the BodyGroup pages is that anyone can create a group. I don't really think there is a worst part about the pages. They're easy to use and navigate through.

How has it been worthwhile for you to dedicate your time to this group? What are its values beyond fitness?

Yes, very worthwhile. I've shown pride in many things because of this group. I wake up and attack each day with positive motivation which I try to spread it to everyone I work with.

This group has shown me that they don't care where you're from, what you look like, or what gender you are. That kind of bond between each other makes me proud to be a part of this group.