Skip La Cour Pro Bodybuilding Profile

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Name: Skip La Cour
Location: Pleasanton, CA
Born: July 26, 1962
Competition Weight: 225-232 lbs.

Competitive Record ///

  • 2002 NPC Team Universe Championships (Men's) - 1st
  • 1997 NPC Team Universe (Drug-Tested Nationals) 5th Heavyweights*
  • 1997 NPC USA Did Not Place in Heavyweights
  • 1996 NPC Team Universe (Drug-Tested Nationals) 2nd Heavyweights *
  • 1995 NPC Team USA Bodybuilding Team Member at Mr. Universe in Guam
  • 1995 NPC Team Universe (Drug-Tested Nationals) Heavyweight Class Champion*
  • 1994 Musclemania Natural Bodybuilding Championships Overall Champion *
  • 1994 NPC Natural Nationals (Team Universe) 3rd Heavyweights*
  • 1994 Ironman Naturally (Southern California) Overall Champion *
  • 1994 ABCC Natural California Class Champion *
  • 1994 NPC Emerald Cup 3rd Heavyweights
  • 1994 NPC San Jose 3rd Heavyweights
  • 1993 Natural Musclemania 2nd Heavyweights*
  • 1992 AAU Mr. California Overall Champion
  • 1992 AAU Mr. Natural California Overall Champion *
  • 1992 NPC Contra Costa Light-Heavyweight Class Champion
  • 1992 NPC Northern California 2nd Heavyweights
  • 1990 AAU Mr. Western Natural USA Overall Champion *
  • 1990 ABA World Cup of Natural Bodybuilding Overall Champion *
  • 1990 AAU Mr. Fremont Overall Champion
  • *Denotes Drug-Tested Contests (method: polygraph-lie detector, urinalysis, or both)

Skip La Cour ///

Skip La Cour has become a pioneer in drug-free bodybuilding by the example he has set on the competitive bodybuilding stage and by his articles and seminars about natural bodybuilding. Delivering what he describes as "information and inspiration for drug-free training," La Cour is fulfilling his mission by helping hundreds of people around the world improve their nutrition and supplementation habits, increase their level of training knowledge, and be motivated to develop their physiques to outstanding levels naturally.

In 1992 he became the first man in the history of the AAU to ever to win the Mr. California and Mr. Natural California in the same year. Drug-free for life, La Cour first appeared on the national scene in 1994, when he won the Musclemania Natural Bodybuilding Championships on ESPN television. He became one of the top amateur drug-free bodybuilders in the nation by becoming the 1995 NPC Team Universe Heavyweight National Champion and earning a spot on the five-man USA Bodybuilding Team competing in the much-heralded Mr. Universe contest.

He has accomplished much as a writer, contributing to several national and international bodybuilding publications over the last few years. La Cour is currently a featured writer for All Natural Muscular Development, with two monthly columns "Skip La Cour's Natural Bodybuilding Digest" and "Thinking Big." He is also a writer for Great Lakes Fitness Guide, Steele Jungle, and Natural Muscle Magazine. For over two years, he wrote "Lean and Clean," a monthly column in Ironman magazine and was a contributor to Advanced Supplementation Techniques, a nationwide newsletter produced by AST Research. Skip is a contributor to the online bodybuilding magazine Digital Physique.

La Cour has been an endorsed bodybuilder for Met-Rx, AST Research, and TWINLAB nutritional supplements. He has also starred in a national television commercial while appearing in several others.