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Name: John Hansen
Location: Westmont, Illinois
Born: March 10, 1963
Height: 5'8"
Off-Season Weight: 235-245 lbs.
Competition Weight: 205-210 lbs.
Arms: 20" off season, 19" on stage

John Hansen

Competitive Record ///

  • 2001 NPC Natural Mid-States - 2nd Place Heavyweight
  • 1998 ABA Natural Olympia - 1st Place
  • 1998 ABA Natural Universe - 2nd Place
  • 1996 ABA Natural Universe - 1st Place
  • 1996 AAU Mr. Illinois - 1st Place Short Class
  • 1995 ABA Natural Universe - 2nd Place
  • 1995 MuscleMania - 5th Place
  • 1992 Natural Universe - 1st Place Overall and Most Muscular
  • 1992 ABA Natural Mr. North America - 1st Place Overall and Most Muscular
  • 1992 NPC Natural Illinois - 1st Place Light-Heavyweight
  • 1991 NPC Natural Illinois - 2nd Place Light-Heavyweight
  • 1990 NPC Illinois Cup - 1st Place Light-Heavyweight
  • 1990 AAU Central USA - 3rd Place Medium Class
  • 1989 NPC Chicago Challenge - 4th Place Overall
  • 1987 NPC Southern States - 2nd Place Heavyweight
  • 1986 NPC Mid-America - 1st Place Heavyweight
  • 1986 NPC Illinois State - 1st Place Heavyweight and Overall
  • 1985 NPC Illinois State - 3rd Place Heavyweight
  • 1984 AAU Mr. Illinois - 4th Place Medium Height Class
  • 1982 AAU Teenage Mr. Chicagoland - 5th Place Medium Height Class
  • 1982 AAU Teenage Mr. America - 5th Place Medium Height Class
  • 1982 AAU Teenage Mr. Illinois - 7th Place 19 Year Old Class
  • 1982 AAU Teenage Mr. Midwest - 2nd Place Medium Height Class
  • 1981 AAU Teenage Mr. Illinois - 6th Place 17-18 Year Old Class
  • 1981 AAU Teenage Mr. Midwest - 1st Place Medium Height Class
  • 1980 AAU Teenage Mr. Chicagoland - 2nd Place Medium Height Class
  • 1980 AAU Teenage Mr. Central USA - 6th Place Medium Height Class
  • 1980 AAU Teenage Mr. Illinois - 9th Place 17-18 Year Old Class
  • 1979 AAU Teenage Mr. Chicagoland - 5th Place Short Class

John Hansen ///

John was born in Chicago, Illinois in March of 1963. His interest in bodybuilding began at a very young age as John became an avid reader of the superhero comic books. He collected over 2000 comic books and fantasized about having a muscular physique like those of Batman, Tarzan and the Incredible Hulk.

John didn't even know what bodybuilding was until he saw a photo of the late martial arts superstar Bruce Lee. He was so impressed with Lee's muscular, ripped physique, John immediately set out to imitate his new idol. He took karate classes, did sit-ups, push-ups and ran every day. When he discovered that Lee also lifted weights to improve his strength and power, John began pumping iron at home.

In order to learn what exercises to do with his brand new weight set, John went out and bought some bodybuilding magazines. After seeing photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, Frank Zane and Lou Ferrigno, John knew immediately that this is what he would do with his life. He went around telling everyone that he would win the Mr. Universe title one day.

John began lifting weights at 14 years old weighing 135 pounds at 5'8". Within two years, he began competing in teenage bodybuilding competitions. John competed in ten teenage bodybuilding competitions between the ages of 16-19 years old. He took first place in the Teenage Midwest at 18 years old and fifth place in the Teenage Mr. America at 19 years old. Knowing he needed more size to compete with the big boys, John used the next two years to bulk up. By the time he was 21 years old, he had bulked up to 230 pounds.

John's next goal was to work his way up the competitive ladder, eventually winning the Mr. Universe title and then competing as an IFBB professional. Over the next several years, John won both state and regional titles before competing on the national level. When he got to the national level, John realized that the amount of steroids necessary to reach the pros was not worth the risk. He decided to compete in only natural or drug-free competitions. He took second place in his first natural contest, the 1991 Natural Illinois.

By 1992, John had improved his physique enough to win the Natural Illinois, the Natural Mr. North America and the overall title at the Natural Mr. Universe. After 14 years of training, John had realized his goal of winning the coveted Mr. Universe title! John has continued to improve his physique over the last 10 years, winning the Natural Mr. Universe in the professional division and the first Natural Olympia title held in Greece in 1998.

In 2000, John suffered his greatest setback when he tore his bicep tendon in a freak accident at work one week before competing in the Natural Olympia again. After surgery to reattach the tendon, John was forced to take a full five months off from training to let the tendon heal.

John is now more motivated than ever before to comeback better than ever. He has returned to the NPC and plans to win the heavyweight class at the NPC Team Universe contest and compete in the IFBB World Championships by 2004.

John has written a monthly column for IRONMAN Magazine since 2000. The column is called Naturally Huge and John gives out training and nutrition advice for the drug-free bodybuilder. His website,, is full of information on training, nutrition, motivation, supplementation as well as contest reports, photo albums, bodybuilder interviews and video reviews.

John lives in Westmont, Illinois and makes his living as a personal trainer and fitness consultant. John also spends much of his time giving seminars on natural bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition and often speaks to elementary and high school students about motivation, persistence and success. His future plans include several books and videos on natural bodybuilding and weight training as well as going back to school to attain his teaching degree in Adaptive Physical Education for state schools.

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