Body Transformation: Serious Bulking

Drayk wrote his own workouts after realizing how small he was, but when he found a quality gym his results increased 10-fold. See how he packed on 40 pounds!

Name: Drayk Wayne Duncan
BodySpace: draykd36

Drayk Wayne Duncan Drayk Wayne Duncan
AGE 23
147 lbs
AGE 25
186 lbs

Why I Got Started

Lifting was something I was always interested in, but I never really took it seriously. After noticing that I was the guy who was skinny, scrawny, and lanky, I decided to change.

I took what I learned from playing high school sports and started forming my own workouts. I started to see the changes in my body, and the amount of muscle mass I was gaining.

After partnering up with my father for workouts, I started to focus more on my nutrition, which made the results show quicker. Not only did my health and nutrition improve, the quality of my life skyrocketed.

Weightlifting also gave me a great outlet to build a better relationship with my dad and it was a healthy way to channel the stressors of everyday life.

I had to make myself a priority and set aside time to get into the gym. It was difficult at first, especially with working on a second shift, but once I got into a routine it was almost like second nature to me.

I find those days that I do put the time in at the gym, my day goes smoother and my mind is clear, but when it is my day off it gives me the time to be eager for my next workout.

How I Did It

At first I just took the knowledge that I had gained from high school sports and worked out on my own. After noticing I was hitting a plateau I needed a new routine that was more challenging.

My father joined a private fitness studio, where the trainers showed him the proper techniques and workout strategies. I noticed the muscle mass and weight gain that he had, and joined with him in the training.

Once I got into the new gym there was a boost in my strength, and the amount of weight I could move. The positive and encouraging atmosphere at the studio really allowed me to feel comfortable enough to push through all the obstacles.

Improving your physique helps you make ... friends.

Working out with a group of trainers and friends was a great way to challenge each other, and almost have a sort of friendly rivalry between us, even though we were all focused on the similar end goals. I find that when working out in small groups of 3-to-4 you tend to bring your "A game" every workout, where as if you workout alone it is hard to get as motivated and push through.

The gym's atmosphere is something I find can help or hinder your progress in weight lifting. Having a strong base of people to be there to encourage and support you not only makes your workout go smoother, but it gives you that extra boost.

Suggestions For Others

  • Set a goal, make time for yourself each day and work hard towards that goal.
  • Take progress pictures of yourself to keep you motivated when it gets tough to get into the gym, look back on all the progress you have made already.
  • Water - you can never drink enough, even though it will hinder your schedule with the amount of bathroom visits; it's worth it for the muscle recovery.