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Body Transformation: Melt Fat Like Snow

Emilia started dating a bodybuilder and put her toes in athletic waters. But after she went to a full show and expo, she dove right in. See how she built an incredibly hot body.

Name: Emilia Andradottir
BodySpace: litla

Emilia Andradottir Emilia Andradottir
AGE 20
145 lbs
AGE 21
123 lbs

Why I Got Started

In early 2009 I smoked and drank every weekend. Later that year I met a wonderful boy, who is now my fiancé. He has a big interest in bodybuilding and a lot of that enthusiasm spread to me. In the late fall of 2010 I was, in my opinion, 20 lbs too heavy, I lost my self-esteem and didn't feel comfortable in my own skin.

I started hitting the gym with my fiancé but didn't really know what I was doing and thought myself too independent to listen to him. In November that same year he took me to see a fitness and bodybuilding expo here in Iceland. I had thought that bodybuilding and fitness was really a men's only sport but that competition completely changed my perception of health and fitness.

That's when my interest really flared and I basically haven't thought of anything else since. Seeing those gorgeous girls on stage I thought to myself "I gotta get me one of those bods!" and then I did!

How I Did It

After the competition I started looking out for trainers and it took me two months to find trainers that I was satisfied with. I wanted someone who had experience and knew what they were doing.

I finally decided to go to the Maggi Bess, who is basically the Ronnie Coleman of Iceland, and his wife Katrín Eva, winner of the Arnold Classic in Amateur Figure/Fitness.

Katrín Eva basically took me under her wing and her support was invaluable, I definitely owe a huge part of my success to her.

She didn't take any excuses and her workouts were hardcore, which was exactly what I needed. I had eleven months to get into competition shape.

We started nice and easy with weight lifting five times a week and cardio three times a week because I had some extra fat on my body and it was our number priority to get rid of it.

A few times during my training I was absolutely convinced that I had to quit and I had made up all sorts of elaborate excuses, mostly to convince myself of course, but thanks to the support of my family and friends I pulled through.

I competed on November 19 in Bikini Fitness and I loved it, I can't wait to compete again!


With Breakfast
With Breakfast, Lunch & Before Bed
With Breakfast & Before Bed
Pre Workout
Before Bed


The meal plan is for 6 days a week. Every Saturday I have a day off and can eat whatever I want in moderate amounts.

Meal 1
Meal 2
Meal 3
Meal 4
Meal 5: Pre Workout
Meal 6
Meal 7


I do morning cardio for 45-50 minutes, 5 days a week (when cutting), and post workout for 20 minutes.

Day 1: Back/Abs
Day 2: Shoulders/Triceps
Day 3: Back/Glutes/Abs
Day 4: Legs
Day 5: Back/Shoulders/Abs
Day 6: Chest/Biceps
Day 7: Rest

Suggestions For Others

  • Get a no-BS trainer, it makes a huge difference.
  • Your diet is 70% of your progress.
  • The head needs to be 150% focused on the goal.
  • No excuses, you are in it for yourself, so make the most of it.
  • Listen to your friends and family, they support you and want to see you do well.
  • You motivate others by being motivated yourself!

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