Body Transformation: Lifting Made Benny Bigger And Brighter!

Benny’s renovated his small frame with intense weight training exercises. The added muscle boosted his confidence and the healthy lifestyle improved his GPA!

Name: Benny Elzweig
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Benny Elzweig Benny Elzweig
AGE 23
170 lbs
AGE 23
140 lbs

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Why I Decided to Transform

I've always struggled to be more like the average person, whether it is academics or physical appearance. Learning disabilities led to countless hours with tutors. While my friends were hanging out, I was still at school meeting with teachers. At one point in high school, I was up to seven tutors per week. This took its toll on me in many ways. I was drained of all my energy and had little time to address my physical appearance.

I stood 5-foot-4 and my metabolism was below average. Even my parents yearned to help me avoid the hardships of my small stature. After many months of painful shots of human growth hormone, I took it upon myself to find another way to feel large in life—bodybuilding.

I reached my goals and the transformation left me confident and empowered. Life became more enjoyable and sports were easy. Even though I lacked talent and experience, I pushed through guys who were a foot taller and ran circles around those who weren't subjected to five interval sprints per day.

People respected my accomplishments and yearned to understand what it took to achieve similar goals. I developed the knowledge and expertise that attracted and impressed those I once longed to be.

Now, going into the workforce, I plan to apply the same principals while maintaining my healthy lifestyle and work ethic.

How I Accomplished My Goals

In high school, I found trainers who provided exercises and a menu to get fit and healthy. Going into college in Boston, Massachusetts, I applied the principals from the gym—dedication, perseverance, and goal setting toward academics. My grades put me on the Dean's List and I graduated with honors.

After college, I refocused to take my body to another level. I enlisted the one trainer I knew could transform my physique and mindset—Jay Salvati. He helped me disregard my misconceptions and adopted a new regimen that took my body to a place that turned people's heads.

The transformation took more than a year. Obstacles challenged me throughout the process. I developed a hernia and underwent surgery that forced me to take two months off from working out. When I got back in the gym, I had to alter my workouts to protect, strengthen, and heal my abdominals. To stay motivated, I visualized walking confidently on the beach, shirtless, and showing off my abs with the sun highlighting my six-pack. It allowed me to keep the tenacity and focus.

What Aspect Challenged Me the Most

There are always speed bumps like injuries, social and dietary temptations, and illnesses. I struggled with a hernia, pulled muscles, and late-night food cravings. I overcame my injuries with less intense workouts and rest. To address the cravings, I went to sleep early or filled up on water.

I also faced negative comments made by those close to me who attempted to derail my progress or tell me some aspect of my regimen wasn't proper. I overcame this by sticking to my regimen and using the negative energy as motivation.

My Future Fitness Plans

I plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle and help people around me do the same. It's not about a career path or title, it's about feeling confident, secure, and powerful.

Suggestions for Aspiring Transformers

It doesn't matter where you start, there are always ways to improve and transform into a better you. I no longer strive to be average; I try to be the best I can be. I will accomplish my goals and so can you.

How Helped Me Reach My Goals has been a huge help in my transformation journey. It's the best fitness site out there because it offers the supplements I need to take my training to the next level and aid in quick recovery. has many useful articles that I constantly implement into my regimen to improve my workouts and eating habits. The best aspect of is the numerous motivational stories that encourage me to work out harder and make a healthy lifestyle my top priority.

Benny's Top 5 Gym Tracks

  1. "Calypso" by Excision & Datsik
  2. "Dear New York" by Firebeatz & Schella
  3. "Atom (Original Mix)" by Nari & Milani
  4. "Get Up (Rattle)" by Bingo Players & Far East Movement
  5. "I Know the Truth" by Pretty Lights
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