Body Transformation: Katie Math Banished 22-Percent Body Fat!

Katie surrounded herself with positive influences that ignited her fat loss journey. Check out the transformation path she took to lose 122 pounds and 22 percent body fat in one year!

Why I decided to transform

In 2011, I walked away from a long-term relationship that was mentally and physically abusive. I moved back in with my parents and focused to improve myself but fell into unhealthy habits like drinking and eating to cope with my emotions. After making poor decisions and learning from my mistakes, I surrounded myself with positive people and started working out.

I later met my boyfriend, Troy, who was training for his second bodybuilding competition. I realized it was time to change and compete after going to Troy's show and seeing photos from my birthday vacation in a bikini. Troy coached people online and started me on a program. When my show date was 12 weeks away, I started with my coach Marilena Echohawk VanRoss to add the final touches to my body.

My transformation journey was an intense process that required me to become regimented and dedicated to my goals. My boyfriend, family, and friends are very supportive, which made it easier.

Before /// 265 lbs
After /// 143 lbs
AGE 26 / HEIGHT 5'7" / BODY FAT 35%
AGE 27 / HEIGHT 5'7" / BODY FAT 13%
Post To Fitboard

Knowing individuals who made the journey and told the honest truth about competing helped me get through hard times. I used social media sites to post progress photos and hold myself accountable.

My transformation began on December 2012 and I fulfilled my dream to compete at the Colorado GNC Natural in October 2013.

How I accomplished my goals

Prior to August 2012, I just went to the gym and did 45 minutes of cardio. Then I started Jamie Eason's LiveFit and kept a food journal, which changed everything for me.

When I decided to compete, I added a workout journal to track my weights. My workouts consisted of daily fasted morning HIIT on the stairmaster or treadmill and afternoon weightlifting sessions followed by 30-45 minutes of medium level cardio.

What aspect challenged me the most

The most challenging aspect of my transformation was the nutrition plan and financial burdens that come with competing. I eventually looked past the diet because it saved me money.

I got tremendous support when I started a website, shared my transformation dream, and people donated more than 1700 dollars for my competition. Getting sponsored for my show fees helped.

"My goal is to maintain the weight I lost and build muscle."

My future fitness plans

My goal is to maintain the weight I lost and build muscle. The next year is dedicated to training and supporting Troy for his competition, and becoming a certified personal trainer or life coach.

Currently, I work for Children's Hospital as an assistant and have a degree in healthcare administration. I've thought about pursuing my master's degree in business administration.

Cool Fact

Kate supports her community by volunteering to help underserved populations with resources and information!

Suggestions for aspiring transformers

  • Take progress photos every two weeks.
  • The scale is just a number.
  • Watch how your clothes fit and feel.
  • Journal food, workouts, and thoughts.
  • Surround yourself with people who have similar goals.
  • Set short- and long-term goals to start a checklist.
  • Rest is important to successful weight loss and muscle building goals.

How helped me reach my goals was the first place I went when I wanted to lose weight. In July 2012, I started the 12-Week Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer, which kick started my journey. I made great progress through the 2013 100K Transformation Challenge.

I also used BodySpace to track my goals and measurements and to share progress photos.

Katie's Top 5 Gym Tracks

  1. "Wake Me Up" by Avicii
  2. "TKO" by Justin Timberlake
  3. "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons
  4. "Tom Ford" by Jay-Z
  5. "Crave You" by Flight Facilities