Body Transformation: Jeremy Posluszny Never Gave In To His Fears

Jeremy had part of his brain removed to help halt devastating seizures. After his surgery he gained a lot of weight, but he worked hard, got fit and never let fear grip him!

Body Transformation: Jeremy Posluszny Never Gave In To His Fears

Why I decided to transform

While attending college my goal was to become a physical therapist and personal trainer, but then my health condition nearly ruined my goal. I suffer from epilepsy and had to stop exercising all together because of a fall during a seizure that injured my shoulder, I went from 192 to 246 pounds in five months.

The medications I was on were not successful in controlling my epilepsy. I had no other option but to finally decide to undergo an operation known as a "Temporal Craniotomy" a procedure that was six hours long. The operation included the removal of a portion of the front right Temporal Lobe, a portion of the Hippocampus, and a section of the Amygdala. The accumulative amount of brain matter removed was the size of a golf ball.

The surgery has been a complete success. I have lost 63 pounds in the past four months due to following a strict diet, the assistance of a Bowflex Motivator 2, the local YMCA fitness center, and the crucial advice and reviews on diets and exercise routines on

Before /// 246 lbs
After /// 186 lbs
AGE 24 / HEIGHT 5'10" / BODY FAT 37%
AGE 24 / HEIGHT 5'10" / BODY FAT 12%
Post To Fitboard

The workout regimen plans and the spectacular diet advice from have helped me turn my life completely around. My neurosurgeon and neurologist have requested me to be an example patient to other epileptic people who are candidates for the surgery. I want to make them aware of the benefits, and help the future patients not fear the procedure and show that they can persevere through the operation and have a better, safer, and healthier life.

I decided to transform myself because I wanted to continue my dreams and prove and support other individuals who have disabilities that change is possible, if you have the motivation and the dedication to pursue these goals and never give up.

How I accomplished my goals

"I always kept in mind that I can never be afraid to fail or I will never push myself to my limits and never reach my full potential."

It was not easy losing the weight. I was limited to using only an elliptical machine for the first several months of my recovery due to my skull not being fully fused back together.

The elliptical was a huge advantage because of the zero impact and a less chance of injury by falling, compared to using a treadmill.

Then I stepped up to my Bowflex for a few months, utilizing the zero-impact resistance training and got my upper-body muscles out of the lethargic state they were in. Now I am a member of a local YMCA and am using free-weights. I, of course, contemplated the idea of failing and not succeeding and having all my efforts feel wasted.

I always kept in mind that I can never be afraid to fail or I will never push myself to my limits and never reach my full potential. I had others encouraging me to give up too, telling me my dreams will never happen because of my scar and my condition, and that it was too difficult for me.

When I realized I made it safely through brain surgery with such success, I knew my dreams were not only possible but that I was on my way to fulfilling them. I ignored those unsupportive people and decided to continue the "underdog" comeback.

The inspirational figure who truly changed my lifestyle and view on life, and my goals is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He made me realize that I can never be afraid to fail.

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Supplements that helped me through the journey

I currently take MusclePharm Assault as a pre-workout. I hope to be trying Pre Jym soon. Nutrabolics Anabolic State is my choice for intra-workout, and Myogenix Aftershock as my post-workout. I'm taking Universal Nutrition Animal Pack as my multivitamin.

Diet plan that guided my transformation

My diet plan was not complicated. I followed a mixture of Jim Stoppani's Fitness 360 diet and some nutritional tips I learned in college. I substituted the seafood in Jim's plan with grilled or steamed chicken.

I eat 5-6 small meals per day which include 20-30 grams of protein per meal. I love the low-fat greek style yogurt since that has such an excellent source of protein.

I strictly avoid any deep-fried food, and always remember to keep everything in moderation. Everyone will break a diet now and then, but I need to remember not to over indulge.

Alternate Breakfast

Training regimen that kept me on track

I cleared all of the training regimens and routines I performed with my physician before attempting to assure my safety. Safety is crucial. Remember to always check with your physicians before exercising.

Rules & Routine!

The most important part is proper form! Without form you will see no gains, I'm sure you know this. I do light weight, high reps with different methods and forms.

I cannot do any sort of Squats, Power cleans, or deadlifts due to doctors' orders (those exercises I have listed as being unable to do have been directly linked to having convulsions as per studies done by the Mayo Clinic.

I may need to make further alterations to adapt as time goes by.

Day 1: Chest/Abs
Day 2: Leg Day
Day 3: Shoulders/Traps
Day 4: Back
Day 5: Triceps/Biceps
Day 6: 2nd Leg Day
Day 7

Light aerobic swim, 3 laps in an Olympic size pool.

What aspect challenged me the most

The diet was the most difficult challenge to overcome. Some of the meals were not too appetizing, but I was dedicated and kept in mind to never be afraid to fail, and to do whatever it took to reach my goal.

The people who doubted me and didn't support me and my goals were also difficult to overcome. Despite their doubt, I realized that the only way I will be happy with myself, fail or succeed, is the fact that I know that I gave 100 percent effort and pushed myself toward my goal.

Future fitness plans

My future is not hoping to be a bodybuilder but rather planning to be the best bodybuilder and win every competition. I want to be the symbol of success and be the encouragement to other individuals who have disabilities to never give up and follow their dreams. I also plan to continue my dream of being a personal trainer and eventually be a professional or college sports team trainer.

"I want to be the symbol of success and be the encouragement to other individuals who have disabilities to never give up and follow their dreams."

Suggestions for aspiring transformers

To all of people who have any doubt in their mind of succeeding, remember that your goals are possible if you're motivated, dedicated, and never willing to give up. Do not fear failure.

How helped me reach my goals has given me the proper information needed to make educated and effective decisions on supplements that are safe for me. Not only does the website list the ingredients of the products but also educates you on the certain ingredients. Utilizing the articles posted by members, trainers, and highly credited and reliable sources has given me a world of knowledge that has helped me substantially.

The other transformation articles give the extra motivation to reassure you that you can reach your goals. BodySpace helps me keep in touch with other individuals who have similar circumstances or similar goals, and can help me reach my goal by using other strategies or routines.

Jeremy's Favorite Gym Tracks

"Back In Black"
Judas Priest
"You Got Another
Thing Coming"
"Enter Sandman"
Guns N’ Roses
"Welcome To
The Jungle"

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