Body Transformation: Halting Self-Sabotage

Angie's body fit the infamous Skinny-Fat moniker, until she took charge of her training and diet. See how she cut her body fat in half and discovered newfound confidence!

Name: Angie Roeder
BodySpace: aroeder

Angie Roeder Angie Roeder
AGE 36
115 lbs
25 1/2"
AGE 37
109 lbs

Why I Got Started

I have always been what people call, "skinny fat". I danced from the time I was around 3 until I was a senior in high school, and around the age of 18, I started working out with weights and doing cardio, but the one thing truly holding me back was my eating.

Everyone who knows me well knows that I used to be a fast food junky and I could eat more than the average man. I was constantly eating from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed. I would usually end my night with many brownies or a bowl of cereal. My legs have always been my main problem area, and still remain my biggest area to work on.

I have never been fond of wearing shorts (above the knee), so that was also a big motivation for me…to wear shorts and be comfortable…and in a swimsuit.

When I was skinny fat, I was still a size 0-2, but I wasn't fit or lean.

The biggest reason for getting started was to change my life…I knew this would be a lifestyle change, not a 12-week fix all. I wanted to see where I could take my body.

I knew I was doing the hard work when it came to the workouts and cardio, but deep down, I knew my eating was sabotaging all of my hard work.

How I Did It

I worked with a trainer 1x a week: Saturday mornings, and we generally worked my whole body. Sunday-Friday I was on my own. I generally did cardio 6x a week (even 7x sometimes - which I know isn't the best but I was hooked. Looking back now, I know I needed my 7th day to be my rest day.)

My cardio consisted of the elliptical or the treadmill. I am not a big runner, so I would walk at an incline of 10 around 4.0-4.2 mph. Some days I would wake up around 5:15-5:30 and do cardio for 20-45 minutes, then again at night for 20-30 minutes. Towards the end of my transformation was when I did more cardio 2x a day, which I have learned since, isn't the best for your body.

My weight training sessions were broken down into 6 days. I knew clean eating was going to be the way to truly get results, so that's what I did---I changed the way I saw food and ate food. I ate every 3 hours. I am a mother with a full-time job, so planning was a huge part of my success! I always cooked and prepared meals ahead of time.

I generally would cook on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights. I always had containers in my fridge ready to go. I had to invest in a large cooler to take all of my meals and snacks with me. Was I made fun of at times? Yes, but I knew the reason and I didn't care what others wanted to say. Did I get jokes on what I was eating? Yes! I noticed that being already what people considered to be small, people were judgmental towards me at times. That was a very difficult part for me.

My husband and I enjoy eating out, and I didn't want that to go away, so I had to start asking for items that weren't on the menu, and I had to ask for items to be prepared certain ways. I didn't tell many people around me what I was doing, because I didn't want the jokes and the comments, so that was a difficult part for me.

Eating right and working out are now true passions of mine, and I could talk about it all day if someone would let me. So, to not be able to share my new lifestyle and information was sad at moments … but, I was doing this for ME! I am 100% glad I did this and continue to have this lifestyle! I feel amazing!

Suggestions For Others

My suggestion for others is if you want it, you can get it. It's hard work and a lot of dedication, but possible. Anything is possible if you want it. Not only will you feel better, improve your health, but you will look amazing!

This is the one thing that you can do for yourself and no one can take this away from you. As I mentioned before, busy people can do this but it takes planning, which anyone can do. You might have to get up earlier to get your workout in or your cardio, but the outcome is worth it!

One other very important suggestion is to not force yourself to eat anything that you don't like. For example, I don't care for broccoli, so I didn't force myself to eat it. You have to find clean foods that you like and know you can eat - even look forward to eating. I always look forward to my egg whites and oatmeal!

Having a support system is important, even if it's one person believing in you. I hope to encourage others to create and maintain a new, healthy lifestyle!! My goal is to inspire at least one person!