Body Transformation: For Rashard, There Are No Excuses!

No matter the adversity, Rashard will do whatever it takes to leave a positive legacy for his wife and son.

Body Transformation: For Rashard, There Are No Excuses!

Why I decided to transform

My moment of awakening came when I had my son in April 2013. At the time of my epiphany, I weighed 350 pounds. What type of legacy would I leave behind if I continued on this path? When I looked in the mirror, I made a promise to myself that I would start my transformation and not quit until it was completed.

With a great support system in place—my beautiful wife and son— I knew this time I would not fail. I couldn't. Throughout my journey, I began to see tremendous progress. Soon thereafter, I was approached by a contest trainer. We began to work together; this relationship truly took my enthusiasm and motivation to the next level. The opportunity to work with a professional bodybuilder was a once in a lifetime chance to ensure that I would not allow obstacles to impede my journey.

He pushed me physically, mentally, and spiritually, but I would not falter. I really knew that I was doing something great when others recognized what I was doing and began following my journey. I began receiving emails, calls, and texts from people. This has truly been the most rewarding piece of my journey, and I hope to continue to motivate and lead by example.

In May 2014, I competed in my first bodybuilding competition. I weighed in at 208 pounds with 5 percent body fat. My hard work and dedication were rewarded with a second place finish. Words cannot begin to describe how elated I was because I finished what I started.

Before /// 350 lbs
After /// 208 lbs
AGE 30 / HEIGHT 5'11" / BODY FAT 40%
AGE 31 / HEIGHT 5'11" / BODY FAT 5%

How I accomplished my goals

It was very hard at first to comprehend that I'd have to prep for 40 weeks before I hit the stage. That meant very strict dieting and training, no more drinking with the buddies, late-night pizza runs, or anything of the sorts. I wanted to quit a lot of the time, but that was not an option; my wife, coach, and son would not allow it.

I wanted to prove to my son that anything is possible. As I got further along and started seeing results, I had the great opportunity to be told that I was influencing and inspiring countless people. That alone was so powerful to me, and made me realize I wasn't the only person benefiting from this journey.

What aspect challenged me the most

Without a doubt, my diet. Having to eat the same foods like a robot every day is mentally draining, especially when it's not greasy, fatty foods. Training was the easy part with the exception of cardio. Waking up on an empty stomach every day to get on the treadmill sucked, but I was committed and wanted results.

My future fitness plans

I plan on working with my coaches: Keith Williams, Ben Engelstad, and Randy Schaar of Minnesota Muscle Gym. I will be competing in the Gopher State Classic in 2015, then hopefully Jr. Nationals in 2015. I will also be building my brand to continue to inspire others. I want people to realize that the old saying holds true: "If I can do it, you can do it."

Most importantly, I would also like to write a book and appear at seminars and get in front of our youths so they can start living a healthier lifestyle at a young age.

Stay positive. Results often take longer than expected, but stay with it. Most importantly, have fun and love the journey.

Suggestions for aspiring transformers

Jump in, set your sights on your main goal, and set smaller goals to help you get there. I understand that not everyone wants to be a bodybuilder, but at the core it is all about changing your mindset and being active. There will be a lot of times when you'll miss drinks and happy hour with your friends. In the end, it will be so worth it.

Stay positive. Results often take longer than expected, but stay with it. Most importantly, have fun and love the journey.

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