Body Transformation: Danny Figueredo Sliced His Weight In Half!

Danny was frustrated and couldn't lose weight. He took a big risk, had gastric bypass surgery, and started on the fitness trail. He's not finished yet!

Why I decided to transform

Tipping the scales at 370 pounds as a pre-med student did not make me an ideal role model for health. Due to a combination of injuries and life events, I let myself get to that extreme weight. In January of 2010—after trying everything within reach without success—I decided to opt for Gastric Bypass Surgery.

A year after I started incorporating bodybuilding into my life the weight started dropping and my body started—somewhat—to take shape. Although there is a lot yet to achieve, my whole life has changed. My attitude and mentality have dramatically improved. Bodybuilding saved me from my own negative and self-destructive personality. I am now enjoying the journey while helping others reach their fitness goals.

Before /// 370 lbs
After /// 175 lbs
AGE 21 / HEIGHT 5'11" / BODY FAT 50%
AGE 25 / HEIGHT 5'11" / BODY FAT 5%

How I accomplished my goals

Although I am far from my goals, I found out that setting short-term goals helps me keep on track of my progress and helps keep me much more focused throughout the journey. I read, educate myself with fitness magazines, and research articles. Most importantly through trial and error, I tried what works on me or doesn't.

Stopping has never yet crossed my mind. I don't think I will be ever satisfied with my own physique, but I guess that is what keeps me pushing harder to strive for progress. I have to say that there was a person I read about back in 2012—Adam Upton.

He went through the same challenges that I have gone through and achieved his goals as a competitive bodybuilder at the North Carolina NPC. That gave me the inspiration to push myself each and every day.

What aspect challenged me the most

It starts and ends in the kitchen. Training intensity is a must if one wants to achieve solid results. One won't work without the other one but being able to stick with your nutrition is absolutely the most challenging and important part.

My future fitness plans

It is all in the unknown right now. I am just enjoying it, setting goals, and slowly conquering them with the support from friends and loved ones. Maybe Men's Physique 2015-16?

"There is no shortcut; there is no easy way of doing it. Bust your butt and
work hard."

Suggestions for aspiring transformers

Don't get all consumed in the minutia. Forget about numbers and how to get there. Just start doing something today! I remember in the past how many goals I set and failed. Don't ever be afraid of failure or care about what others think about you.

The truth is that no one in this community who has the hunger for success and progress is happy with their physique. Everyone works toward improving it. Nothing sets you apart but yourself. There is no shortcut; there is no easy way of doing it. Bust your butt and work hard. Be about it forget about what others say.

How helped me reach my goals

From the great articles and tracking workouts, to having the best customer service and fastest shipping in the industry, has been extremely helpful to me, keeping me educated and extremely motivated.

BodySpace has been extremely helpful, and sharing my experience with the members has been a blessing. You never know who you will touch or who would you will influence.

Danny's Top 5 Gym Tracks

  1. "Spit it out" – Slipknot
  2. "Killing in the name" – Rage Against The Machine
  3. "This is war" – Ill Nino
  4. "I am Loco" – Ill Nino
  5. "This is the new Shit" – Marilyn Manson