Body Transformation: Blessed Commitment

Ricardo realized he was living a self-destructive lifestyle. He removed himself, switched towns, found a gym, Jesus and a new way to live. See how he built his new body, life!

Name: Ricardo Antonio Rubio
BodySpace: stone113

Ricardo Antonio Rubio Ricardo Antonio Rubio
AGE 39
176 lbs
36 1/4"
AGE 41
165 lbs

Why I Got Started

I was looking for a new purpose in life. I had come to a spot in life where hanging out at the bar drinking just wasn't enough anymore. I knew I wasn't getting any younger and was shocked when I looked in the mirror and realized I was only getting rounder.

I had really hit my rock bottom, I was at the bottom of the barrel that people talk about or you read about. Yet you never really see it yourself.

I needed some form of direction and a purpose or goal. Something that if I put my mind to it, I really only had myself to blame if I failed. I always had a dream to be the type of person that people looked at and just knew I was healthy and in good physical condition.

I decided to stop drinking and all the other bad habits I had. I knew it would be hard - I had 39 years of my way or the highway kind of thinking.

So, I did what I thought, and most people thought, I could never do. I went to church and prayed.

Ricardo's lifestyle was destroying him. Now it's saving his life.

How I Did It

I knew it was going to be hard, so I made it even harder or maybe easier. I moved to a new state and new city. One of those small towns you pass thru but never stop at because it seems too plain and too boring.

I joined a gym, went through some withdrawals and prayed. One day at the gym someone showed me a picture of The ON Athletes. I looked them up and found

Next was my 12-week transformation. I signed up and just knew I was going to win in 12 weeks. I soon realized I had no idea what I was doing in the gym. I read Muscle & Fitness every day and followed all I could on I tried every workout routine I could find, tried them until I started seeing results.

The hardest part which I thought would be easiest was my diet. For what I thought was healthy eating, again I had no idea on that subject. I would just mimic the exact diets I would find my favorite lifters eating.

Not knowing anyone here made it easy in the beginning, no distractions, nothing stopping what I had as a goal: to look in the mirror in one year and see a new person. Now I have newer, bigger goals with the Mr. Utah coming up.

Suggestions For Others

Don't let age be your downfall. Remember your age. I tell myself every day "I am 41 with 39 years of abuse to my body." That just means I have to work harder than the kids in there after school.

It can be done if you focus and tell yourself at least you're attempting and trying something others talk about doing and never do. I may not be in my best yet, but I will get there. I love helping others and being asked and respected for trying my best.

The best result I have gotten out of this is the respect for myself that comes from being able to keep a commitment. Especially to myself.

Good Luck and God Bless!