Ballin' With The Baller, Episode 1 - Introduction

Learn all about Ben Baller, custom jeweler to the stars (also known as K-Town), and his recent weight loss success in this new video series by natural pro bodybuilder Rob Riches!

Move over Harry Winston, Ben Baller is the "Illest Jeweler on the Planet Earth!"

In this first episode, learn who Ben Baller (a.k.a. K-Town) is, where he comes from, and where he's going in this new video series from Rob Riches. Learn about Ben's custom jewelry career and his recent 40-lb. weight loss success!

Episode 1: Introduction

Get To Know K-Town!

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More About Ben Baller

"Aite y'all. To those of you who are curious to know who the fuc* this kid Ben Baller aka K-Town is, and if my lifestyle is a game or something, I'm here to break it down to those who wanna read it...

I was born and raised in L.A., been here all my life almost (lived in NYC for 2 years, lived in the Bay Area - San Francisco/Berkeley for 4 years). I played Division II college basketball and football (yes I'm 100% Asian, Korean to be exact). I got my degree in Fine Arts "Cinematography" and I'm a true jack of all trades. I can sell anything!

I'm that guy who can steal a car stereo and sell it back to you for more then you paid for it. I will sell seats to a roach fight and have seating assignments... But real spit, I've slaved and worked real hard in my life, and I've made tons of mistakes (but learned from them, still learning). I've been shat on, but I have also have turned tragedy into triumph!

I started out my music career professionally in Los Angeles in 1993 when I met Denzel Washington on Melrose Ave and asked him for a job. Two weeks later, I was DJing at his restaurant and doin' black Grammy and Oscar events... It was later that year I met Dr. Dre at my club and he offered me a job. From there, I started out as a low-level employee and then got a better job at Priority Records...

Nineteen platinum records later (Jay Z, Master P, Ice Cube, Friday, etc.), I am a degree of separation from anyone in the music business still to this day. I left Priority Records to start up Aftermath Entertainment with Dre when he left Death Row. Two years later, I quit the music business for what I thought was for good. I still was DJing at all the hottest nightclubs in LA and NYC from '93 to 2001 until my partner DJ AM decided to take over the world, LOL...

Fast forward to the present date, I'm currently holding the heavyweight title for the illest Jeweler on the planet Earth. Me and my cousins have made the best jewelry around for celebs to bloccstars to gangsters to everyday normal people. In a short amount of time, I've cornered this market as well, and with the grinding my uncle and cousin have put in the past 20+ years, we will take over where others who got greedy left off.

What are my current goals, you may ask? Well, I try to be honest and a good person in spirit. If I can be better today then I was yesterday and better this week then I was last week, then I've made progress. Get ready to be tired of seeing me, you might open your box of cereal and see this long face asian pop out! HOLLA! We here now! Peace and God bless."

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