The Importance Of Nutrition For A Fitness Model

There are different components that make a complete and healthy person, but for now my focal point will be on the importance of nutrition for a fitness model. Stay fit and healthy with this sample menu.

What is a fitness model? In my opinion, it is a person who exemplifies and embodies all of which makes one healthy. A person that represents what it means to live a healthy and fit life.

There are many different components that make up a complete and healthy person, but for now my focal point will be on the importance of nutrition for a fitness model.

Nutrition For A Fitness Model

Success in the field of fitness requires making a life decision to eat healthfully and stick with it.
"Success in the field of fitness requires making a life decision to eat healthfully and stick with it."

I do not claim to be an expert in nutrition. I am simply a woman who decided to get in the best shape of her life approximately two years ago. I took a nutrition course, read articles, and asked a lot of questions. I also got ready for a figure competition, which is a crash course in getting extremely lean. I used the things that worked and threw out the rest. Most importantly, I am always willing to learn.

I also decided that I not only want to look good, but I want to feel good as well. The first step in doing this is to implement proper nutrition on a daily basis. One way to achieve this is to carefully watch what I eat and at what time of the day I eat it.

Bottom line, I must take in the appropriate amount of calories from food in order to support my goal of building and maintaining muscle while keeping my body fat low.

As a fitness model, my goal is to remain reasonably lean throughout the year. I love nothing more than devouring pizza and dark chocolate. But I am acutely aware that in order to look like a fitness model I must eat nutritionally sound food.

Success in this field requires making a life decision to eat healthfully and stick with it. I have learned that if I perceive the reward to be much greater than the sacrifice, I tend to make appropriate choices. I make sure my refrigerator is filled with food that will support my fitness goals.

Sample Menu

Here is a sample menu that I personally use. Remember, I am 5-foot-4 and weight 130 pounds. So this is approximately my menu and serving size. Also, this is not set in stone; it will just give you an idea of what I eat. I often substitute my protein pancakes in place of my meal #2. See recipe below.

Meal 1
Meal 2
Meal 3
Meal 4
Meal 5

Food Tips

48 Protein Shake Recipes

Tired of drinking the same boring, bland tasting proteins shakes? Try these shakes and mix things up with fresh ingredients and a variety of supplements.

Additionally, I love to add flavor to my recipes by adding spices. When my meals consist of a lean protein such as chicken breast and green vegetables, I often sauté sliced tomatoes, onions, garlic, cayenne pepper, Italian mixed seasoning, and blend in a couple tablespoons of 100-percent extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil.

You may choose to add in additional vegetables. The rich spices coupled with the necessary saturated fat makes a perfectly seasoned meal. I have found it much easier to stick to a meal plan that just tastes good.

Now this is just a basic outline of how I eat to stay lean. The goal is to regulate the amount of energy (calories) you take in. I eat every 2.5 hours because, in order to keep my metabolism up, I must constantly fuel my body. If I need a last meal, I eat a lean protein source with a complex carbohydrate.

If the thought of eating another egg white makes you want to choke, possibly implement a slow-releasing protein shake. If I am really having a difficult time and am craving something sweet, I eat two rice cakes with fat-free spray butter, and sprinkle Splenda on top.

I carry water with me everywhere I go and I try to drink a gallon a day. Often people feel hungry when they are actually dehydrated. So be very aware of your hydration throughout the day.

Protein Pancakes

I also have a favorite healthy breakfast that I substitute into my menu depending on my mood. It really helps a sweet tooth and those hunger pangs at 8:00 AM.

  • 1/2 cup uncooked oatmeal
  • 6 egg whites
  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
  • 1 tbs. Splenda
  • 1/4 cup sugar free maple syrup
  • Fat free spray butter
  1. Mix the ingredients above and cook just like a regular pancake until golden brown.
  2. Top with fat free butter spray and sugar free syrup.
  3. This definitely gives you something to look forward to in the morning.

Protein Pancakes PDF (19.1 KB)

Insulin Levels

It is extremely important to keep from spiking insulin levels by eating simple carbohydrates or foods that contains sugar when your body does not have a glycogen deficit. If the body does not need the carbohydrates for energy, it then gets stored as fat.

When you eat simple sugars the body releases a hormone called insulin. Insulin signals the body to store fat. Quite simply, if I eat a fatty meal with simple carbohydrates it is much more likely to be stored as fat on my body.


If I stick to this type of menu for three weeks, I then treat myself to one cheat meal. I try to reward myself with things other than food, but let's face it, you have to live life! So get creative with spices, try new recipes, and get other tips here on Stay consistent and before you know it, you too will have a fitness model physique.

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