Arnold Sports Festival: Fitness International Preview.

Can Adela Garcia repeat as the champ? We'll find out on Friday night when the ladies take the stage in Columbus, Ohio.

Arnold Sports Festival: Fitness International Preview

Fourteen women will head to Columbus where new judging criteria will be implemented at the Fitness International. This will be the first International where the overall scores are based 1/3 on physique and 2/3 on routine.

The women are also required to do a pushup of any kind, high kicks, straddle hold and a side split. The new rules took effect at the end of last year but it will be the first time many of these competitors are judged with it. It could bode well from some and hurt others.

The physique judging will take place in the morning at the main expo stage and the routines will be performed at the night show.

Here's a rundown of the field in Columbus, ranked in no alphabetical order:

Myriam Capes

Myriam "Mimi" Capes has refined her physique over the years and brings a ton of skill to the routine round. She's one of the shorter competitors and worked hard to get her body to a place where the judges favored her physique. She won't win the physique round but she should be a top contender in the routine round.

Where Myriam finishes will be largely based on the type of physique she brings to the stage. I wasn't a fan of her slower routine that she showcased at the Europa Super show and the Olympia. In my opinion, she's at her best when she's demonstrating power and performing to rockin' music.

Cutesy doesn't cut it for Mimi. Myriam was 8th last year and I look for her to improve on that this year.

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Regiane Da Silva

Regiane is one of the women you'll want to pay close attention to in the routine rounds. Don't blink or you might miss one of her crazy strength moves.

She has incredible strength and equally incredible moves in her routine.

The physique round has held her back in the past, so Regiane could benefit from the new rules. This will be her fifth Fitness International appearance. Her highest placing was 4th at the 2009 contest.

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Nicole Duncan

The Energizer Bunny will be a crowd favorite as she combines gymnastics with hip-hop dance moves for her routine. Nicole has one of the strongest routines in the pro league. If she can dial in her physique and come with a tighter, more conditioned physique, she'll be among the top finishers.

She placed 10th last year, due to her placing in the physique round. Regardless, fans will see a great routine out of Nicole on Friday night.

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Tina Durkin

Tina has been a consistent competitor the last couple of years when it comes to the physique round. Look for her to be in the first one or two callouts again this year at the morning prejudging.

Tina's come a long way with her routines, and if she plays to her strengths, she'll be in the top five. She was 7th at this event last year.

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Allison Ethier

One of the three Canadian women representing Canada in the Fitness division, Allison has nowhere to go but up from last year's performance. She made a rookie mistake by walking off stage and asking for the music to be restarted.

That nightmare is behind her and she'll look to pick up where she left off at the end of last year. She ended the 2010 season with a fifth-place finish.

Her routine continues to improve and her physique is getting more in line with what the judges are looking for at this level of competition.

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Adela Garcia

The champ is back to defend her title. Adela is still competing and having a blast at it, so don't expect her to retire any time soon. This will be Adela's tenth Fitness International and we might see the best physique to date.

There is no question Adela will be in the top callout for the physique division, she's that good. Where will she place in the routine rounds? I wasn't a fan of her routine last year and thought it might of cost her the title.

She ditched that for the Olympia and went back to what she does best. Expect to see some Latin flare and booty shaking from Adela en route to her title defense.

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Oksana Grishina

If there is one woman who could really shake things up this year, it's Oksana. She is a performer like no other in the IFBB. Her routines have been criticized for being too slow for pro fitness; I disagree.

Whether you like her style or not there's no denying that this woman is world class. She makes strength moves look easy ... so easy that I think it hurts her at times in the judging.

Oksana has refined her physique and brought her waist down in size. If she brings a solid physique, look for her to be a top finisher.

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Tanji Johnson

Tanji has notched a few victories in her fitness careers but has yet to win one of the two big titles. The Ms. Fitness International and the Fitness Olympia are the biggest titles, and she's hoping to snag the former in Columbus.

She'll bring her same routine as the Olympia but with added flair. Tanji does a solid job with her routine but her conditioning in the physique rounds has kept her from winning the big title. If she brings in a smaller, tighter physique than we've seen before, she will be Adela's biggest threat.

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Daniela O'Mara

This will be Daniela's Fitness International debut. She'll make the long trek from her current residence of Australia and will look to make an impact.

She made her pro debut, last year, at the Europa Super show in Dallas. She competed at the Arnold last year but as an amateur.

If she can crack the top ten here it would be a victory in this tough lineup.

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Erin Riley

She's back! This will be her second appearance at the Fitness International. Erin is a former gymnast and has incredible strength moves. She packed a little too much muscle, especially in her back due to the type of training she was doing.

She suffered a shoulder injury and after some strenuous rehab she made a return to the stage and finished 4th at the Show of Champions.

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Camala Rodriguez

The Mile High standout will look to rebound from her showing at the 2010 Olympia. She came in with too much muscle and her routine was not what we've come to expect from the potential star.

She will bring in a smaller, tighter physique this year and if she plays to her strengths in the routine round, she will be a top contender.

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Sylvia Tremblay

Sylvia will make her return to the Fitness stage in hopes of improving on her 13th place finish last year. She continues to improve her routines and tighten her physique.

If she cracks the top ten it will be a solid showing for Sylvia.

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Bethany Wagner

Bethany has tremendous skill in the routine round and one of the best physiques on the stage. If she's in shape, look for her to be in a top callout for the physique round. If she brings the routine we saw at last year's Europa Super show in Dallas she will be a top threat.

She took home top honors at that contest and will look to improve on her 11th place finish at the 2010 Fitness International.

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Trish Warren

Trish has steadily moved her way up the pro ranks. She's changed her training style to fit her physique and what the judges are looking for. Trish has a body that easily puts on muscle, which has hurt her in the physique rounds before.

I look for her to be in the top callout for the physique comparisons. If she brings the same level of energy she had at the Olympia--look out.

Trish finished 4th here and could improve on it this time around.

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