Amateur Bodybuilder Of The Week: Luke Built Stacks Of Muscle!

College football training provided a foundation of knowledge for Luke to begin his bodybuilding career. See how he took weightlifting to the next level!


How did your bodybuilding
journey begin?

I played football at Temple University, played semi-professional football for a few years, became a trainer, and started to miss competition. It's a common path for many ex-athletes. I then started monetizing my knowledge about and enthusiasm for training. I enjoyed several sports, but the idea of creating the ultimate physique really clicked with me.

How did your passion for bodybuilding emerge?

Bodybuilding is a never-ending quest for perfection. Therein lies the beauty and danger simultaneously. I always stay critical of my physique and realize how far I came and how much joy the journey brought me. I love training and pushing myself to a level I never thought possible.

What or who motivated you to be a bodybuilder?

To loosely quote Henry Rollins, "A hundred pounds will always be a hundred pounds," which means you can always train and influence things in a positive manner. If you can create the body of your dreams, who's to say you can't have the job or lifestyle of your dreams? Bodybuilding provides an element of control and security that spills into the rest of my life.

Where did you go for inspiration?

My first line of defense is my girlfriend, Donna, who's also a competitor. She's my biggest fan and harshest critic. After her, it's my coach who doesn't have "I don't feel like training" in his vocabulary. Lastly, I keep photos of my competitors on my fridge for added motivation.

What are your future bodybuilding plans?

I dream of standing on the Mr. Olympia stage at some point in my life to be compared with the best physiques in the sport. Along the way, I hope to carry myself in the proper manner and be a positive influence to as many people as possible via videos, articles, and face-to-face interaction.

What is the most important bodybuilding tip?

You're only competing against yourself. It's good to have idols to look up to, but in the end you can only be the best you. Lift hard, eat clean, sleep deep, and have fun!

Who is your favorite bodybuilder?

Kai Greene is my favorite bodybuilder for a multitude of reasons. I'm impressed with how he overcame his struggles, which is something I can relate to. I like his approach to bodybuilding and life.

He takes a broader view on life and has deep thoughts. He comes across as humble toward fans, which is a quality I truly admire. He also has an outstanding physique.

How did help you reach your goals?

I found my coach, Maik Wiedenbach, on after reading his interviews and articles. You should always surround yourself with positive people who share your passion and goals, which describes the BodySpace crowd. Life throws enough obstacles at you. Take the positives whenever you can.

Contest History
  • 2012 Lehigh Valley Championships - 2nd Place Light Heavyweight
  • 2012 Tracy Greenwood Classic - 4th Place Light Heavyweight
  • 2012 Muscle Beach Championships - 1st Place Overall Open, Overall Novice, Best Poser
  • 2012 NPC Nationals - 3rd Callout Heavyweight
  • 2013 Rhode Island Championships - 3rd Place Heavyweight
  • 2013 Garden State Championships - 2nd Place Heavyweight
  • 2013 NPC USA Championships - 10th Place Light Heavyweight