Amateur Bodybuilder Of The Week: Engineered For Growth!

What happens when German engineering mixes with American ingenuity? You get Maik—a well-oiled machine who's not afraid of the blunt truth!

Name: Maik Wiedenbach
BodySpace: Maik W
Location: New York
Age: 37  Height: 6'2"  Weight: 230 lbs
Years Bodybuilding: 23

How Did Your Bodybuilding Journey Begin?

I have to disappoint you here: I was never bullied nor was I overweight. In fact, you could call me a jock (I came to America on a swimming scholarship after representing Germany at World Cup and Olympic Trials). I always liked the athletic physique and lifting weights came naturally because I've been active my entire life.

It's hard to determine the exact starting point of my journey, but one of the moments I remember is watching Terminator with my dad and thinking "I want to look like that. From there, I bought my first Flex magazine, an atrocious tasting protein powder, and the rest is history.

What Workout Regimen Delivered the Best Results?

Disclaimer: Before I get crucified for my volume, I don't think people over-train as easily as most think, so my volume is higher than most. I find it's most often a case of under-eating and under-sleeping.

Day 1: Chest/Biceps


Day 2: Back/Triceps

Circuit: 15 seconds rest between sets

Day 3: Shoulders



Day 4: Legs

Day 5: Arms/Calves


Day 6: Full Body


Day 7: Off

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What Nutrition Plan Fueled Your Body?

I keep my diet basic and livable because I'm on the go all day long. In my opinion, it's unnecessary to eat every three hours, especially when you're running a business in New York City.

Meal 1
Meal 2
Meal 3
Meal 4
Meal 5
  • Steak


    10 ounces

  • Mixed Vegetables

    Mixed Vegetables

    1 serving

What Supplements Gave You the Greatest Gains?

How Did Your Passion for Bodybuilding Emerge?

Bodybuilding is a neverending quest for perfection. Therein lies its fascination and its danger—don't let it consume you. It's helpful to look back in time to appreciate how far one has come. This doesn't mean you should kick back and eat Doritos, but it's a good idea to keep life in perspective. I met too many guys whose lives revolve solely around training and eating. That is a ticket to unhappiness.

What/Who Motivated You to Be a Bodybuilder?

The main reason I love bodybuilding is the element of control. When my mother was very ill, the gym was my sanctuary. No matter what goes on in the outside world, 100 pounds will always be 100 pounds. When you create your ideal physique, you realize anything in life is possible.

Where Did You Go for Inspiration?

I view training as "me time," no cell phone or clients; it's time to think and rebuild. Time like that is rare in today's world. It makes me cherish my time in the gym. My gym is a basement—it doesn't have TVs or cell phone reception (a true oasis!). My best thoughts regarding business and life come during workouts.

What Are Your Future Bodybuilding Plans?

I'm contemplating dabbling in NPC masters physique and will see where I go from there. My personal vanity goal is to make a magazine cover at some point (one should be allowed to dream).

What Is the Most Important Bodybuilding Tip?

Bodybuilding is a strange sport because you can't measure performance like you could in track and field or swimming. You must be aware that you're only competing against yourself. Don't worry what other people do; create the best "you" possible. The journey has no end.

Who Is Your Favorite Bodybuilder?

I'm going old school and will say Bob Paris. He had the most aesthetically pleasing physique and was a great poser and well-spoken ambassador of the sport. His book Gorilla Suit was a great help to me.

How Did Help You Reach Your Goals?

It's the sense of community; people are helpful and positive on the forums and BodySpace. There are also plenty of good physiques to look up to.

Maik's Top 5 Gym Tracks

  1. "… And Justice For All" by Metallica
  2. "Paradise City" by Guns N' Roses
  3. "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC
  4. "Hier sind die Onkelz" by Boehse Onkelz
  5. "Feuer Frei!" by Rammstein