Alicia Harris Fitness 360: Supplements

Good genetics can go a long way, but supplements can take them even farther. Learn what Alicia uses to help you formulate a plan of your own!

Alicia Harris Fitness 360: Supplements
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It's true: Alicia Harris has really good genetics. And though she could probably compete without supplements, she knows that they support and bolster her proper muscle-building nutrition, effective recovery, and fat burning. "When something is missing from my nutrition, supplements fill the gaps," she says.

Alicia's stack is built upon basics like multivitamins and protein powder. When she's competing and needs a little extra help, however, she adds CLA, L-carnitine, and a fat burner to the mix. Her supplement program may not be complex, but it's effective.

Alicia Harris Fit 360
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"I actually drink more protein shakes when I'm not competing because I'm not preparing my food," Alicia says. "And, I'll forget to take pills because I'm not as regimented." When she's not training for a show, she likes to take a break from the intense timing and demands.

To people who aren't sure about which supplements to take or are worried about using them, Alicia has some simple advice: Do your research. "Whatever your goal is, there are supplements that can help you. Ask people who are using a product you're curious about, read reviews, and talk to experts."

"When something is missing from my nutrition, supplements fill in the gaps."

Alicia's Supp Stack