2007 OCB Arizona Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Contest Review!

The 2007 OCB Arizona Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Contest was held on September 15th in Mesa, Arizona. 68 tanned, oiled hard bodies entered the theater and only 5 left with overall trophies! Learn more here...

Contest Review

On September 15th, 2007 it was 108 outside but that didn’t even come close to the HEAT that transpired in the Mesa Arts Center Virginia Piper Theater!! 68 tanned, oiled hard bodies entered the theater and only 5 leaving with the overall trophies!!

Fitness Model Division:

The new Fitness Model division brought 9 beautiful and sporty women on stage. They all were creative in their choice of outfits/swimware and entertaining during their model walk. The spunky and energetic Maribel Miller was awarded the Best Presentation but the sleek and sexy Melinda Meyer took home the 1st place trophy.

Masters Divisions:

The 60+ Men’s masters brought on stage the muscular Daniel Love with his fantastic back and Manny Ballesteros with his classic lines. Daniel’s big back helped him take the title. A battlefield of its own had developed in the men’s 50-59 class with Vernoon Koonce and Melvin Ware using all their expertise and showmanship. The crowd loved both of these veterans and when the dust settled Vernoon claimed the BP award and 1st in the class!

Gina Madeya’s first competition proved to be successful with her Master’s BB.40+ win and her 2nd place in the open tall class. Her wide back and small waist will certainly help her to obtain an overall title in the future. Gina was also awarded the BP.

Debrorah Day from Tucson came in sharp and muscular and flexed her way to 1st in the tall class. The 2007 Southwest Classic overall winner Katherine Johnson came in search of another overall title but Debrorah’s tighter physique won over Katherine’s great lines.

Men's Open Bodybuilding:

The men’s 40-49 division was probably one of the most competitive of the day. 9 men took the stage and they really got worked over by the judges. This group of men were truly like seeing the 8th wonder of the world!! The 2 competitors Frank Reed and Bob Porzio were having a great time on stage battling each other for the title. Either one of them could have easily taken the class but in the end it was Frank that prevailed.

Tired and beat they would have to rest and get ready for their next class the men’s open tall. This class added a new member to the war. Tim Beamer from Colorado came in contest ready to be placed right next to Frank and Bob for comparisons. Again they were put through a grueling comparison round with Tim Beamer coming out the victor of the class.

The Battle For Overall:

Tim’s battle was not finished as he was put next to the men’s short class winner Joaquin Garcia and the medium class winner Josh Jurhill. Josh was coming back from being last years Novice overall winner and he had done his home work in preparation for the open overall.

He stood his ground against the razor sharp Beamer and the Thick and muscular Joaquin. After intense comparisons it was the Beamer that walked away with the coveted Arizona Natural “Hercules In Chains” trophy!!

Figure Division:

The Figure divisions were also very competitive as the rookie Liz Williams walked on stage for the very first time to take away some serious hardware. She started with the novice figure overall win and BP award and then moved on to the open tall class and finally finishing her rally with the open overall prize!! This beautiful and elegant lady will be a great addition to the IFPA Figure lineup if she chooses to go that route.

Pro Figure Division:

For the first time in Arizona a pro event was held in conjunction with the Arizona Natural amateur competition. Only 3 IFPA Pro Figure Women stepped on stage but all of them were contest ready and vying for the $3,000.00 total cash prizes.

Colleen Castaneda from Texas brought her wide shoulders and small waist in top form. She was awarded 3rd place and $250.00. Colleen was also chosen for the BP award among the pros. Lori Bonnell from Arizona originally won her pro card 2 years ago at the Arizona Natural and was coming back to claim the Pro Title.

She had made great improvements since her last time on stage and came in ready with shapely shoulders and quads to win her 2nd place and $750.00 The Yorton Cup overall winner Monika Rodgers flew in from Penn. and brought a tight and lean physique to claim the 1st place prize of $2000.00.

Prize Pachage For Overall:

The overall winners and the pro-figure winner all received a Beverly International gym bag filled with: Beverly glutamine, Dave Draper Protein Blend, Max Muscle Protein, Wellements Protein, Xtend, and usp labs AP and P-Slim.

Thanks To Our Sponsors:

Cathy Chappell and Tina Watkins would like to thank all of their sponsors for helping to make this the most successful Arizona Natural to date:

BB.Com(provided t-shirts for all the competitors) Team Scott, Clearly Smooth, Nu-Parr Swimwear, Arizona Sports Chiropractic and Wellness Center, www.easycuisinepro.com, Bilbo Baggs, Wheup Protein Drink, Team Acai Global, The Glitzi Girlz, Arizona Massage Professioinals, Platinum Performance, Scivation, Twenty-Twenty Wellness, Core Nutritionals, Next Level Protein, Max Muscle, Beverly International, Sprouts, Farmers Market, www.Davedraper.com, Red Devil restaurant, Detour Bars, Mike Harris Ultimate Fitness, USP labs.

Get ready for next years Arizona Natural where only the best can HANDLE THE HEAT!!!