18 Swedish Death Metal Workout Songs

Swedish death metal. Have three words ever been so perfectly strung together? We think not. After all, what's cooler than slasher-film intensity, powerful drumming, and deep growling vocals?

1 Amon Amarth, "Twilight Of The Thunder God"

2 In Flames, "Trigger"

3 Arch Enemy, "War Eternal"

4 Meshuggah, "Bleed"

5 Unleashed, "To Asgaard We Fly"

6 Entombed, "Left Hand Path"

7 Grave, "Into The Grave"

8 Dark Tranquillity, "Lost To Apathy"

9 Dismember, "Override Of The Overture"

10 Avatar, "Hail The Apocalypse"

11 Scar Symmetry, "Limits to Infinity"

12 Demonoid, "Wargods"

13 Hypocrisy, "Eraser"

14 Bloodbath, "Eaten"

15 Grotesque, "Submit to Death"

16 Soilwork, "Distortion Sleep"

17 At The Gates, "Slaughter Of The Soul"

18 Carnage, "Torn Apart"