10 Gym Tracks Every Playlist Needs!

Our founder and CEO Ryan DeLuca has excellent musical taste! So, we think every workout playlist needs these 10 staple songs.

10 Gym Tracks Every Playlist Needs!

When it comes to lifting weights, leaning on the greats for a little strength is nothing new. Whether you're channeling your inner beast while watching a CT arms video, getting amped to push for that extra pump with Arnold, or simply scrolling through the latest version of a BodySpace "We 'Mirin" for that dose of pre-workout inspiration, one thing's clear: having that extra encouragement can be just what you need to go harder at the gym. But sometimes you need more than striations to getting stoked to crush plates and conquer cardio, you need the vocal melodies to really get you revved up; that's where music comes in.

In our search for the utmost level of lyrical inspiration, we asked Bodybuilding.com CEO Ryan DeLuca for a list of his favorite songs. What he sent us was the top ten tunes that get him amped every time he steps foot in the gym to train chest, arms, and even calves. So take a page from the man who forever made history in the world of fitness, and get ready to press play on these sick beats. They're guaranteed to help you crush your workout!

Nickelback, "How You Remind Me"

“This is the first song Chad played at many of his concerts during the last tour, and it pumps me up to start my workouts.”

D4L, "Laffy Taffy"

“D4L are the kings of big drops so this is perfect for cardio.”

David Hasselhoff, "Du"

“Hasselhoff is great for trying to feel like a bad ass in your own world at the gym.”

Britney Spears, "Oops!...I Did It Again"

“Makes me want to set a new PR.”

Kevin Federline, "Popozão"

“Great rap song for getting in the mood.”

Enrique Iglesias, "Hero"

“If you aren’t in the mood for lifting, just listen to this a few times.”

LFO, "Summer Girls"

“Great beat for pushing through the last few reps.”

Creed, "With Arms Wide Open"

“Creed is another band that plays aggressive music that makes you want to get moving.”

RuPaul, "Jealous Of My Boogie"

“Sometimes you just want to feel angry and take it out on the weights.”

Crazy Frog, "Axel F – Radio Mix"

“The whole Crazy Hits album is great for hard cardio.”

Rick Rolled Rick Astley, "Never Gonna Give You Up"

Rick rolled. *drops mic*


Thanks for everything, Ryan DeLuca!