GSP Workout Tips

  • Pre and Post Workout Nutrition: Approximately one hour before workout ingest BCAAs (Branch chain amino acids) and some simple sugar with protein, but not too big a meal or shake. Immediately after works out take a mix of fast-ingested carbs, protein and BCAAs such as a protein shake smoothie to begin recovery.
  • Grip: Don't use workout straps, as they will weaken grip. If needed, use gloves or chalk during Olympic style lifts.
  • Form: If you don't know a movement search it online to see proper form.
  • Cycle: This workout should help improve your cardiovascular health, functional strength and all around conditioning. A cycle is also known as a circuit or a giant set, which is when you do 2 or more exercises without rest to complete one working set. One working set = one cycle. A workout like this should help improve your cardio-vascular health, functional strength and all around conditioning. It is short but intense.

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