Starting a gym routine in the New Year can sometimes be a counterproductive resolution. You’ll be trying to learn the ropes when the gym is full of people with the same mindset. Not saying you should avoid the gym in January. Rather, being proactive about your fitness routine and starting it in the fall or early winter will better help you hit your stride before things get hectic.

Getting Ahead of the Game

For those who start going to the gym in January, the success rate is not that friendly. One study shows that only 64% keep their fitness resolutions after one month [1]. Another shows that the weekly average of gym goers rises approximately 7% in January and then drops to 2.5% by April [2]. The chances of you being one of those people who quit on their promise is more likely if you start on the first.Starting early, however, keeps you from getting lumped in with this common pitfall statistic.

The annual New Year’s Gym Rush is inevitable. Getting ahead beforehand is like driving your commute before rush hour. You will be able to settle in and get comfortable before the gym starts to cram. 

Holiday Gains

If you’ve decided to get ahead of the curve, congratulations! Now, the first steps are being taken on the road of transformation. Whether it’s a bulk season or shedding the Freshman 15, fall attire can hide your transition through baggy clothing. The fall season consists of three major holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas/Hannakuh. These can be the benchmarks along the way. Willpower will be put to the test: you’ve created the foundation for a healthier life, but what about all of the delicious food that only comes once a year? Fear not… holiday desserts will taste better with a newfound metabolism. If you eat a little too much, you can revert to your gym routine to burn some off. In time, you can reveal to yourself and others your gains at holiday parties like a gift in and of itself.

Vitamin D 

Fall is the transitional season between summer and winter. The drop in weather will be an excuse for people to stay indoors. That choice results in a loss of Vitamin D intake. Vitamin D is one of the most essential vitamins to have for active people because of its benefits on the immune system, muscle growth, and mental health. One study proved that athletes with low Vitamin D intake were at a higher risk of stress, illness, and suboptimal muscle performance [3]. 

The fall is the last chance to get natural Vitamin D in comfortable weather. People spend less time outdoors in the early winter, causing a decrease in the sunshine vitamin. Supplement your new gym routine with some outdoor hiking with foliage views before changing lanes to indoor cardio for the winter. 

Get After It 

The gym during the New Year is a place of confusion and waiting in lines for open equipment. Don’t let this hectic environment dissuade you from your fitness goals, and instead, get ahead of the curve. The New Year should not be about starting the gym routine, but about making it even better. 



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