The digital age has revolutionized the world of fitness. Not long ago, if you wanted to learn about training and nutrition, your options were limited to reading bodybuilding magazines or asking local gym rats for their (likely) broscientific advice.

Today, a Google search will easily yield answers to any queries you might have. Better yet, a quick trip to YouTube will give you instant access to a huge number of fitness enthusiasts willing to sharing their advice and answer your questions. Truly, starting a fitness program has never been easier.

In October 2015, we published an article titled "11 Fitness YouTubers You Should Be Watching." Although the piece was well-received, many readers felt the list was incomplete.

Well, fear not, dedicated readers; your cries of protest were not in vain! Here are 11 more fitness YouTubers worthy of your subscription.

Steve Cook

An IFBB men's physique pro competitor, Optimum Nutrition-sponsored athlete, and spokesmodel for our very own Team, Steve Cook has rapidly become one of the most recognizable faces and bodies in fitness. His legion of dedicated fans, collectively known as the Swoldier Nation, follow him on his global adventures via the content he posts regularly on his YouTube channel. And while his world-class physique and boyish good looks certainly don't hurt, his down-to-earth attitude and positive outlook on life lie at the heart of his success.


How many times have we heard women say they don't lift weights for fear of becoming too "bulky" or masculine? Unfortunately, this flawed thinking often holds them back from achieving their fitness goals. Enter Chelsea, who drives a nail in the coffin of this persistent myth.

A gym owner, fitness coach, and USAPL raw powerlifter, Chelsea knows a thing or three when it comes to hoisting up some iron. She's fit, she's strong, and she's as badass as they come. Fitness YouTubers are a dime a dozen these days, but Chelsea is one worth watching.

She is living proof that lifting weights—and heavy ones, at that—won't turn ladies into lumbering hulks. Rather, lifting is the key to the "toned," athletic physique they seek.

Bradley Martyn

Bradley is a popular fitness YouTuber, known for his goofy personality, crazy antics—like squatting 315 pounds on a hoverboard and deadlifting 500 pounds with one hand)—and incredible athleticism. Indeed, this goliath possesses the size of a bodybuilder, the strength of a powerlifter, and the mobility of a weightlifter, a combination seldom found in the fitness world.

The owner of the BMFIT apparel line and co-founder of the fresh-meal delivery service Lean Meals, Bradley is dedicated to helping others achieve their goals, a philosophy captured in his motto: "Let's Get Better Together."

Maxx Chewning

Maxx is one deceptively strong dude. He doesn't look like he lifts—just kidding Maxx!—yet puts up more weight than most people twice his size. His deadlift is particularly impressive, earning him the nickname of "The Deadlift Brah."

When he's not training in the gym, Maxx is usually found downing obscene amounts of food at Chipotle, editing YouTube videos, and being generally awesome. We're big fans of Mr. Chewning—we recently interviewed him—and we recommend you check out his channel.

Buff Bunny

Heidi Somers, aka the Buff Bunny, is an Alaskan-born CrossFit competitor and NPC bikini competitor whose popularity has exploded over the past year. Having experienced both sides of the underweight and overweight spectrum during her youth, Heidi can truly relate to, and understand, the difficulties different people face in reaching their fitness goals.

Like Chelsea, this girl isn't afraid to hoist some iron. She prides herself in being fit and muscular while retaining her feminine qualities, thus proving once again that strength training doesn't turn women into masculine monsters, and that it is indeed far better to be a Buff Bunny than a cardio bunny.

Marc Fitt

Hailing from Canada, this 25-year-old fitness model is living the entrepreneurial fitness dream. A GymShark athlete, Rise Gym Gear athlete, and founder of the Team Fitt community, Marc possesses a genuine passion for helping and inspiring people to reach their goals, as embodied by his motto: "Everything Is Possible."

In addition to running his YouTube channel and online business, Mark hosts the popular "FittTalk" fitness podcast, allowing him to reach his followers with an even more personal touch.


Led by Simon Otero and Garrett Gonzales, Massthetics is all about hardcore powerlifting. These guys are absurdly strong—like, 700-pound-deadlift-at-177-pounds kind of strong—and hilarious to boot. I don't think I've ever not LOLed while watching one of their videos. In fact, just thinking about them is enough to put a smile on my face!

Of all the YouTube fitness channels out there, Massthetics is my personal favorite. Go check them out, and they just might become your favorite channel too.


Zuzka Light was one of the early icons of YouTube fitness, and she remains one of the most popular female fitness icons in the world based on that platform. The Czech beauty found purpose and salvation in fitness after some rough early-life circumstances, and she has been relentlessly dedicated to helping as many people as she can ever since.

Her approach is focused on at-home workouts that require little or no equipment. What's more, her gentle demeanor and winning attitude appeals to many novices who get intimidated by the more hardcore mentality espoused by some of the other fitness gurus.

You can follow Z's workouts on her YouTube channel; find troves of additional advice on her companion website; or purchase her new book, "15 Minutes to Fit."

Lex Griffin

A fitness model with a mean beard and an even meaner pair of biceps, Lex Griffin boasts one of the best physiques in the biz. This jacked Englishman is a GymShark athlete, online trainer, and the founder and owner of the popular BOOMBabY! gym clothing line.

If you're looking for motivation, inspiration, and awesome beards, Lex Griffin belongs in your subscription list.

Jonnie Candito

Jonnie is a strong advocate of raw, drug-free powerlifting, and has had a big influence on the growing online popularity of the sport over the last couple of years. This 22-year-old elite athlete boasts an incredible 1,500-pound raw total in the 181-pound class, and is the proud owner of a pair of eyebrows thicker than the Amazon rainforest.

"Candito HQ," as his channel is called, is chock-full of tips and advice on lifting technique, mobility drills, and programming. If you're looking for useful, non-broscientific information, check out this guy!

Hodge Twins

All kindzzzzzzzzz of gainzzzzz... All kindzzzzz.

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