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Amateur Fitness Competitor of the Week: Lucinda M. Witte

Amateur Fitness Competitor of the Week: Lucinda M. Witte! - Pics and info and more!

How Did You Get Started?

Looking back I can say I have always been involved in some sort of exercise. I started jogging back in high school my junior year, I was also on the drill team, gymnastics and cheerleading squad. After the birth of each of my 5 children I picked up the exercise of jogging to help lose the weight I had gained during the pregnancy.

It wasn't actually until May 1992, that I started to get serious about being fit and increased my daily jogging exercise from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Fourteen years later in February 2004, I decided I wanted to add some upper body strength so I started a weight resistance program, which has evolved into a six day a week 1.5 hour full body workout. I love the strength gains and beautiful muscle definition I have been able to achieve-something jogging alone could not do.

What Workout Plan Worked Best For You?

    45-60 minutes of cardio (jogging) 5 times a week before breakfast.
    Monday: Chest
    Tuesday: Back
    Wednesday: Legs
    Thursday: Biceps & Triceps
    Friday: Shoulders
    Saturday: Legs
    Sunday: Off

What Nutrition Plan Has Worked Best For You?

    Meal 1: 1 cup of whole oats, 3 egg whites, 1 orange
    Meal 2: Apple or Banana
    Meal 3: Protein shake (100 grams of pure protein)
    Meal 4: 1 can of tuna water packed, Peach
    Meal 5:4-6 oz chicken or fish baked, ½ cup of broccoli

What Supplements Have Given You The Greatest Gains?

Glutamine, Whey Protein Powder, Royal Jelly, Multi-vitamin & Iron Supplement.

Why do you love Bodybuilding?

What Are Your Future Bodybuilding Plans?

To compete at national competitions in the Master’s Division, and later Ultra-Masters Divisions. Eventually, I would like to earn my Pro status and share my talent with the world.

What One Tip Would You Give Other Bodybuilders?

Your dream is yours to act on. No one will choose for you or do it for you, you alone must act on it. Your fitness dream is a single force shaped by a single driving commitment and passion to achieve that to which you envision. Never let anyone talk you out of that dream or take it away. Keep steadfast looking straight ahead--GO FOR IT!

Who Are Your Favorite Bodybuilders?

Cory Everson, Monica Brant, Tanjia Johnson, Kelly Ryan & Lee Priest.