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Amateur Bodybuilder of the Week: Leo Wilson

Amateur Bodybuilder of the Week: Leo Wilson! - Pics and info and more!

How Did You Get Started?

Most of my life I was about average. From Elementary School to High School I was considered "skinny fat". Once I got married (at the age of 19) I began gaining weight. I went from an average 175lbs to a staggering 245lbs within 2 years. I had not noticed the tremendous weight gain until my wife began speaking to me about. Our marriage began to crumble and I realized I needed to do something about it.

I joined a gym and began putting my best effort into getting in shape. After a few weeks and seeing no results, I did what most people do....gave up, even though I was a member of the gym and was even going. Eventually, my marriage failed. During that moment I said to myself, "It's time for a change." I gave the gym another shot. Now I began using my failed marriage as fuel to push myself at the gym. I bought and tried different supplements, and began seeing results.

Though my body began changing, my old habits stayed the same. Fast food was what I was used to. So for a while I was the guy going to the gym to work out and after going to McDonalds to get a Big Mac meal. Sad to say, but I got off to a rough start. Other things in my life began to change so I decided to move to my current location in Atlanta, GA. Originally from Detroit, Michigan I felt this was a move I had to make in order to progress in life.

Once I made the move, I realized I didn't know anyone in Georgia and had a lot of free time. So out of boredom, I began going to the gym again. First I was going 3 days a week, then 4 days, then 5 and eventually 6. Seeing the changes I was making to my body motivated me to work even harder.

I was to the point where if I didn't have a good reason not to go to the gym and didn't, I felt really horrible. I not only have the body I always wanted, but I live a much healthier and active lifestyle. Now I am preparing for my first bodybuilding competition here in Atlanta, GA next year in 2012.

Leo Wilson
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Leo Wilson

What Workout Plan Worked Best For You?

My workouts consist of 3-day splits working each muscle group twice a week resting on Sunday. The workouts usual last from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours. I repeat the following routine for Days 4, 5 and 6 switching the exercises every 3 days, and taking Day 7 off. Cardio is 20 minutes after each workout.

Day 1: Chest/Calves/Abs
Day 2: Quads/Hamstrings/Shoulders/Abs
Day 3: Back/Biceps/Triceps
Leo Wilson
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Leo Wilson

What Nutrition Plan Has Worked Best For You?

I usually eat to stay lean and gain muscle. So a lot of protein, not too much carbs, good fats and decent caloric intake.

Meal 1:
Meal 2:
Meal 3:
Meal 4: Pre-Workout
Meal 5: Post Workout
Meal 6:
Meal 7:
Leo Wilson
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Leo Wilson

What Supplements Have Given You The Greatest Gains?

I must say I don't take a lot of supplements but I have tried many. One of my favorite supplements is Optimum whey protein. This is by far one of the greatest and most effective protein supplements I have tried. It helps you not only to gain muscle but to get and stay lean as well.

3 Times Daily:

Why do you love Bodybuilding?

For me, bodybuilding has changed my life in so many ways. Not only the healthier lifestyle and muscular lean body, but my stress levels are completely gone. Let's face it; we will always have problems in our daily lives. That's an unavoidable part of life. Bodybuilding has changed the way I deal with those problems, helping me make smarter and much clearer decisions.

Bodybuilding has given me a sense of comfort in my life knowing I can go work out despite any issues I'm dealing with, and be happy. I look forward everyday to going to the gym. The feel of the weights in my hand, the muscle pump I get after pushing myself hard and the amazing transformation my body undergoes during this process. It's a good feeling knowing your body has changed dramatically and others notice as well.

What Motivates You To Follow A Healthy Lifestyle?

For years I have always lived unhealthy. Not eating right, lack of exercise and I must say that now that I have changed I feel amazing. I wake up every morning full of energy that lasts throughout the day. Performing certain tasks in my day to day life with ease and actually wanting to do them especially if it involves something physical. Your body is an amazing machine, but you have to take care of it to use its full potential.

What Made You Want To Achieve Your Goals?

I always wanted to be something in life. Not just your average Joe! Going through what I went through helped me to realize what I need to do with my life. I started bodybuilding just to help fix my marriage and it became much more to me than what I expected. Someone once told me, "Sometimes we go through things in life that will help us reach a new level."

I believe I have reached that level and I'm determined to reach the next one. Now, I am not only a new person thanks to bodybuilding, but I have a new view on life itself. My future and became much more vivid.

Leo Wilson
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Leo Wilson

What Are Your Future Bodybuilding Plans?

I am currently in training for my first competition in August 2012. I have a long journey but will see it through to the end. I am determined to gain as much muscle as possible between now and then. Not only will be ready to compete in next year's competition, I will win it!

What One Tip Would You Give Other Bodybuilders?

Bodybuilding takes more than just wanting a better body. It requires a whole new level of determination you've never imagined was possible. Time, focus, hard work, motivation are all just the basic key elements when it comes to bodybuilding. You have to find that last piece deep within you. Everyone has their own reason for why they want to become bodybuilders. But we all share that same determination. Every time you say to yourself you can't, get up and just do it. You'll be happy you did.

Who Are Your Favorite Bodybuilders?

I'm not the kind of person to pick favorites. I have a lot of respect for every man and woman who that that step to live a healthy lifestyle.

What Features Do You Use On

I love the forums on Not only are you able to receive help from others, but can always help others as well. The articles on have helped me in so many ways. I wouldn't be where I am today without this site. I also like browsing through members photos. It makes me feel good seeing other people transform their body.