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Amateur Bodybuilder of the Week: George Fereos

Amateur Bodybuilder of the Week: George Fereos! - Pics and info and more!

  • Name: George Fereos
  • E-mail:
  • Age: 33
  • Where: Chingford East London
  • Height: 5' 5"
  • Weight: 164 Lbs. (74.5 kg)
  • Years Bodybuilding :10
  • Favorite Bodypart: All
  • Favorite Exercise: Deadlift & Lunges
  • Favorite Supplements: Mass stack, Endorush, ProPeptide and ProVital, Various Reflex BCAA, Forskholi, L-Carnitine, Micro whey, Vitargo, & All Stars

How Did You Get Started?

It started many years ago when I brought my first bodybuilding magazine with my pocket money in 1986. It was Flex Magazine with Sylvester Stallone on the cover. I was 12. I was fascinated by the cartoon like characters which were actual humans. Then there was the documentary film Pumping Iron which brought these characters to life. A person knows their likes and dislikes. So at this early age of my life, (a bit unconventional I know), I liked this world very much.

In school, I was crap at most sports, but I tried everything, from athletics to rugby. All sports that were given to us were complimented with weight training and when the teachers allowed us to use the weights, I was in my element, pressing, pulling... all that my heart had to offer.

In reflection, it goes to show you and a theory that I've always attested to is that bodybuilding is the foundation for everything fitness wise/sports related that is found in the modern world today. You think about it. Every diet that has come and gone - bodybuilders were the first to try them. Low carb, high carb, protein manipulation, the importance of omega fats etc. If you were trying to run faster, jump higher or even stay on your feet longer via energy, then you would implement some form of weight training.

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In my humble opinion everything you think of sports wise and beyond can be linked to bodybuilding. Adolescence took over at 15 years young and lasted up 'till my early 20s when it became quite clear in my mind that bodybuilding was going to save me from my health plummeting which may have caused a cascade of events that may have had a detrimental effect on my life.

Thankfully with God guiding me I chose the right path via bodybuilding.

What Workout Plan Worked Best For You?

Apart from when I actually started my journey in this sport I was concentrating on compound movements which helped me put on good muscle size but muffled with fat due to the naivety of my nutrition (I thought I had to eat a horse at every meal and enough pasta to feed a small Italian village), the workouts which I'm doing now are some of my best in regards of results.

The main element of my workouts is to feel the muscle intended work.

Started 2008 with a four-day split with hopes of cremating every muscle fiber. That particular program lasted for 8 weeks.

A typical week would look like this:

arrow Monday:

arrow Tuesday:

arrow Wednesday:

arrow Thursday: Off

arrow Friday:

arrow Saturday and Sunday off.

  • Cardio performed every morning or at least 6 days a week on a stationary bike or treadmill at my home.
  • If I was to wake too late, then cardio was performed immediately after my main workout on a treadmill or cross trainer or stepper.
  • All performed minimum 35 mins to 1 hr max, unless time was an issue, then I would implement interval, Fartlek or OBLA type methods.

Every week throughout this 8-week program I would try to increase the weight and get the same rep range.

Right now I've just completed my 9th week of the following split.

arrow Monday: Back and Abs

arrow Tuesday: Deltoids/ Biceps and Abs

arrow Wednesday: Quads and Hams

arrow Thursday: Chest/Triceps & Abs

    The chest is about the only bodypart where my routine stays almost the same throughout the course of the programme.

  • Incline dumbbell or barbell press.
  • Flat dumbbell or barbell press
  • Dips
  • Dumbbell flyes

  • Sometimes I may alternate angles by having a higher incline or decline on flyes or my presses and changing grip to wide.

    My sets are straight pyramid with a strip set at the end of certain sets. My movements are normally full range. However I will experiment with partial, negative and forced reps.

    2 working sets between 3 to 4 exercises all taken to ball dropping failure.
    Bodyweight movement like press ups are sometimes incorporated to catch the stubborn unwilling fibers that didn't contribute to the previous pump.

    Triceps are hit hard, short and intensely.

  • Pushdowns
  • Dips
  • Skullcrushers
  • Overhead dumbbell extensions

  • Amongst other similar type exercises comprise of the bulk movements used for my tris on a training day.

    2 working sets with blood pumping vein popping sick drop sets. 3 exercises are the norm (if it's possible to call it the 'norm')

    Abs are performed between sets as a type of superset. This way I get to train them hard and they are kept under complete tension throughout the whole workout from the other workouts.

    print Click Here For A Printable Log Of Thursday.

arrow Friday: Calves/forearms/abs

    This combination is by no means a finishing off day. These particular body parts are given this kind of attention because all too often on most trainers they are neglected or considered add on's.

    This workout day allows nothing but full on hardcore pedal to the metal teeth grinding focus to pump the kind of blood a Manga cartoon would be proud of.

    The best move I do for calves is my own version of a Donkey calf raise.
    I stand behind a barbell chest press rack on the spotters platform with 25kg plates hanging like a serious case of piles and I balance myself bent over and it burns them like no other movement could. I go up to 4 working sets and I have a PB of 5 1/2 plates.

    Forearms are battered with 3 exercises including barbell in front and behind movements.
    Dumbbells by side and seated across knees and any other way I can get a pump.
    All performed to flat out blood gorge failure.
    Sets are taken to as many needed to not being able to hold anything naturally any more.

    Abs again are performed between sets. Normal crunch movements and reverse lying/hanging/incline leg/knee raises are called upon here.
    All to reasonable failure. Trouble is there is no reasoning when it comes to my mind muscle connection

    print Click Here For A Printable Log Of Friday.

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What Nutrition Plan Has Worked Best For You?

I'm yet to find the most appropriate answer for here. Reason being - what I believe worked for me one year didn't necessarily work well for me the next year (I'm talking more about my competition preparation when comparing year to year). Having said all that, one constant my body adapts well to is a high/low variable carb diet. 4 day's low/1 day high. As I've progressed through the years, my carbs have become almost a fear for me, so a high nose-bleed level of protein is consumed every day and my fats come from those sources.

Arrow Carbohydrates

    My carbohydrate sources are 40g nutritional value of steel cut oats mixed with a few sundried raisins in water and as of next week my post workout Vitargo will also be taken with my oats in the Morning. This will bring my morning high/low glycemic carbs to around 50g.

    Pre workout will be 35g whole grain rice with veggies and post workout will be a strategy of 2 main variables which rely on my training times. And that is either: 1 scoop Vitargo = apprx 25-30g super fast high glycemic carbs with my whey and then followed an hour later with 35g white rice/veg mix with white fish or turkey.

    If time is a factor, then it will be either one or the other. So, at the moment, on a normal training day my nutritional value of carbs will be a high/low glycemic mix of 115 -145g carbs a day. Interestingly, I've followed a 40 to75g low carb variable a day intake with a 150g high day for the past 13 weeks and prior to that, I was on a 50-60g flat carb intake every day. As well as the carbs mentioned above, I have experimented with Quinoa, Buckwheat, Wild Rice, Cous Cous, Toasted Sesame seeds, Oatmeal/Oat bran.

Arrow Proteins

    I have kept the protein sources which I used for the preparation phase of my competition as constant as possible. My sources are simple and basic and all constantly measured in accordance to my gains (or non gains as the case maybe; I detest the word plateau, I feel we all go through it).

    Lean skinless grilled turkey, Egg whites, Rump or Flank steak; Fish: white cod, tilapia, haddock, halibut, sea bass and sea bream (sometimes, grilled fresh Calamari and Octopus); Omega selection: Fresh Salmon.

    Whey Protein: Pro Peptide (4 blends), Syntha-6 (6 blends)

Six meals per day with 45g per meal equates to 270 grams of complete protein sources is what I'm consuming without fail each day.

Arrow Fats

    The fats are from the protein sources just mentioned and through the 'extras' which I have and of late through Udo's Choice Oil Blend.

The extras are my bars I consume now that I'm in my so called off season. Tri-O-Plex bars and the all new Hy-Pro & Pro Plex bars from All Stars. I also enjoy the all natural Trek bars. This combined with the Carb intake I'm on now is the best nutritional program I've been on to date.

I can't forget a fundamental part of my nutrition and that is on WATER. I'm on now between 5 to 6 liters per day. I have gone up to a crazy 13 liters per day, but I had to chain a toilet to my side and in my car. Not very practical.

How Much Water Do You Drink Per Day?

Just Soda, I Am A Water Hater.
A Few Glasses.
Half A Gallon.
One Gallon.
Two Gallons.
Three Gallons Or More.

I also consume green tea and decaff coffee on a very regular basis.

My vitamins & minerals come from first and foremost, my smartest investment to date in regards to vits & mins - CNP's ProVital. I also take an extra 500mg x 2 vit c tab. 3x Glucosamine tabs. 3x Milk Thistle caps. 3x Acidophilus caps per day.

What Supplements Have Given You The Greatest Gains?

Well, I partly answered this with the previous question. Not so much gains, but definitely the greatest health benefits I have found taking CNP's Pro Vital day/night timed release multivitamin & mineral supplement.

A constant with me if I can afford it is CNP's ProPeptide protein blend. This bad boy works.

One of the first products I used that did exactly what it said on the tub was BSN's Nitrix tablets. Stacked up with NO-Xplode, CellMass

*Mass, Syntha-6 and Endorush is a combination which as a natural you can only thank God above for giving something so potent that is legal and truly awesome in regards to my gains.

Vitargo has been around for many years, but only now have I included it in my supplementation and I am a cynical kind of guy where I don't believe they work and the gains come through consistent hardcore discipline in training etc... But this product works!

If I was to try something new now, I would ask for this: Quality & finely manufactured undenatured product that can guarantee no bloating and keep venomous farts at bay.

Why do you love Bodybuilding?

I love it for what it gives back.

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If your patient... let me correct myself. If your extremely patient in achieving minuscule gains. Your body changing in front of your eyes is a phenomenal achievement on any level. When those changes come you will see and feel what bodybuilding is all about and the love becomes unconditional.

Bodybuilding is such a small community on a very big scale. I'll explain. I can't think of any country that does not know bodybuilding. Every country around the world has a bodybuilding community. USA by far the most precedent followed by all the European countries including the UK. Never forgetting countries like Japan, Australia, and Africa etc.

The love comes from being a part of this community. A part of the best sport in the world which is con-screwed & frowned upon and misunderstood by so many ignorant and un-educated people who unfortunately make up the majority of any population of any country. But, on the flip side, would I love it so much if this sport was totally mainstream?

So, I guess I like being part of the minority, because there's more of a struggle, and when there is a struggle there sure comes passion and fire within to carry on and always prove naysayers wrong.

Bodybuilding can change lives. It makes you into a man. It keeps you on the straight and narrow. It prepares you for any situation you will come across in social life. The discipline. The dedication. The routine. The mental approach. The work ethic. The belief to succeed. Everything you do for bodybuilding can be adapted to real life situations and I love it for that.

What Are Your Future Bodybuilding Plans?

For the immediate short term future, it will be to try and add between 1 to 2 kilos (2.2 -4.4 Ibs) of lean muscle mass so that when I compete again in 2009, I will be at the higher scale of my Lightweight under 70kg classes shredded and full as a bison as opposed to the 64kg ripped to sh** condition with the mass I built over the years at my previous competitions in 2007. I have given myself approximately 15 months for this.

More future than that is to stay healthy and carry on adding lean tissue whilst staying as lean as possible year round, year to year. I know that as I get older with more outside stress and family orientated commitments I must be stricter than ever to try and not get totally out of shape because of a few slip ups; my body would never forgive or let me get away with it. Staying quite close to competition condition is my goal.

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More ahead than that will be to carry on competing on a natural levels across the globe representing my country's (UK & Cyprus) and family and federations well into my seniors God willing.

Expanding my Personal Training business - Trainwise Lifestyle and Fitness coaching by always sustaining and not totally deviating from the basic principles of Bodybuilding.

What One Tip Would You Give Other Bodybuilders?

I am going to give a tip which is stating the obvious. Reason for this explanation is because as you get more involved in this sport you deviated from basic principles and always try different things and maybe turn to the darkside and risk health for gains. So my common sense tip is to STAY CONSISTENT in ALL aspects of Bodybuilding.

Who Are Your Favorite Bodybuilders?

I have respect and admiration for all those who put their body and lives through this glorious sport, which offers so little in monetary rewards.

As far as my favorites are concerned. I would like to choose the ones who have humbled me by there mere persona when we met or by their write ups. Those are: Dorian Yates, Zak Pallikaros (a top British amateur), Ed Corney, Danny Padilla, Former World Natural Champion Nigel Davis, UKFBB pro Edjike (Edje), Big Ronnie Coleman, Mr. Olympia Jay cutler for everything he stands for, and top British Amateur Robbie Anchant.

Natural boys Tony Montalbano, Rob Feesey, Andrew Merrifield for their sheer awesome condition. Another conditioned maniac is John Hodgson.

Respect to all.