Homemade Meal Replacements And Weight Gainers

The meal replacement industry was a multi-million dollar industry in the year 2000. Ranging from weight loss products like Slim Fast to muscle builders like Myoplex, everybody is using them.

The meal replacement industry was a multi-million dollar industry in the year 2000. Ranging from weight loss products like Slim Fast to muscle builders like Myoplex, everybody is using them. The only problem with them is that they can become so expensive. Myoplex costs about $40, and has 20 servings. That's $2 per serving! So if you drink 2 Myoplex meal replacements per day, that's $60 per month just on meal replacements. Then add in the cost of your other supplements like Creatine and Glutamine and you're spending over $100 per month! I have a feeling most teens don't want to spend $100 per month on their supps. This is where homemade meal replacements can come in handy. My personal meal replacement costs me about 50 cents to make and that's much cheaper than the meal replacements on the market!

Here is my recipe for this meal replacement:

  • 16oz Simply Smart Skim Milk (10g Protein per Serving, instead of 2g that most milks have)
  • 2 fat free blueberry yogurts

Along with this being a lot cheaper than the meal replacements on the market, it tastes a lot better too! You can replace the blueberry yogurts with another flavor such as strawberry or peach, but I personally think blueberry tastes the best. This meal replacement works best during a cutting phase because all the lactose makes you full for a long time, as well as it not having any fat and less than 400 calories. I drink 2 of these everyday during my cutting phase for breakfast and lunch, then I eat a big dinner. Each serving of this meal replacement has 36g of protein; Myoplex has 42g of protein per serving. That is pretty good considering it is about 25% the price! This recipe may not be good for you if your stomach is not very good at handling lactose, since this recipe is loaded with it!

Next I will talk about Weight Gainers. Mainly skinny kids who want to bulk up use weight gainers, but they are good for anybody during a bulking phase. The most popular weight gainer on the market today is N-Large II, which I agree is very effective but just like Myoplex is extremely expensive! N-Large II costs about $1.50 per serving, which isn't terrible but it is still a little pricey. The weight gainer that I use was given to me by one of my co-writers for TeenBodyBuilding.com, Big Red. (Thanks!) The ingredients for it come to a total of about $1, which is 50 cents cheaper than N-Large II. The biggest problem that I see in N-Large II is that it has 6g of fat, and 3g of that fat is saturated. I am very careful of my saturated fat intake; I try to keep it below 10g per day. Taking a weight gainer that has 3g of it per serving makes that a little hard. The recipe for the homemade weight gainer is:

  • 16 Simply Smart Skim Milk (this stuff is great!)
  • 1 packet of Jello
  • 1 serving Twinlab Vege Fuel
  • 1/2 cup dry oats
  • 1 tbsp all natural creamy peanut butter

Put it in a blender and blend until it is all liquefied.This homemade weight gainer has 620 calories and only 1g of saturated fat! It does not have the glutamine peptides that N-Large II has, but it does have 60g of protein, 8g more than N-Large II! It is very rich and sweet, and tastes great! This is 75% the price of N-Large and in my opinion it is equally effective.

Homemade Meal Replacements PDF (29.5 KB)

So I have given you two great recipes whether you are in your cutting phase or your bulking phase. The meal replacement will help you lose weight and keep your hard-earned muscle. The weight gainer will help you gain more of that hard-earned muscle. These two recipes will save you a lot of money and will give you great results. Use them and have fun!

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