Bryan Johnson Packed On 25 Pounds Of Muscle And Got Ripped!

After losing his father, Bryan knew he needed to change his lifestyle immediately. Read on to learn how he turned his life around and packed on 25 pounds of muscle!

Before Before:
190 lbs
After After:
215 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Bryan Johnson

190 lbs
Body Fat: 13%

215 lbs
Body Fat: 3.5%

Why I Got Started

Growing up I have always been into physical fitness. I played football since I was 8 and learned early in life the idea of hard work and discipline. But as I have gotten into college I felt overwhelmed and stopped paying attention to my physical health and more on the stress I have before me.

With the recent loss of my father I realized I needed to change my lifestyle and habits immediately. Also, I had the motivation from my girlfriend who first fell in love with the fit football player and now was living with the lazy sad guy, so not wanting to lose her was another great motivation.

I Realized I Needed To Change My Lifestyle And Habits Immediately.
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I Realized I Needed To Change My
Lifestyle And Habits Immediately.

How I Did It

One day I woke up and said no more of this idea that I will do it Monday or start on the first. I just got up and, as bad as I didn't want to go to the gym, I took an hour out of my day and went.

For a week straight I did this until I started to notice my overall energy level increasing and also felt as if I looked better. This was the point where I began to look forward to going.

And over time going into the second week it became a routine and now somehow was fitting into the schedule I told myself it wouldn't. It actually made my schedule seem better, having more energy and something to look forward to other than going home and not wanting to look in the mirror.

As the weeks passed the fat shredded and I moved from fat loss to muscle building. Now I am incorporating both and I don't think I can ever stop.

I have made a new lifestyle for myself I love way too much to ever want anything else. It was also really helpful to have my amazing girlfriend to push me through the hardest parts.

I Have Made A New Lifestyle For Myself I Love Way Too Much To Ever Want Anything Else.
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I Have Made A New Lifestyle For Myself I Love
Way Too Much To Ever Want Anything Else.


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I have kept the same diet throughout my entire transformation. It worked for fat loss and maintained and built muscle.

Meal 1:

Meal 2:

Meal 3:

Meal 4:

Meal 5:

Meal 6:

Meal 7:


In the first month and a half I cycled 45 minutes in the morning and same at night before bed. I would do basic chest and triceps one day, back and biceps the next, shoulders and legs the next, abs and forearms and calves the next, and start that over again. No days off, just consistent cardio and workouts were 4 sets of 15 reps, light weight, to build endurance and coordination.

In the next month and a half (6 weeks) I kept sets the same but dropped reps to 12 and raised weights to about 65% of my one rep max. Then, up until now, I have upped sets to 5 with reps from 8-10 at 70-75% of my one rep max and kept cardio and diet consistent throughout.

Suggestions For Others

Push through the first 8-12 days and just do it, don't think negative at how much you would rather be doing something else or how you're not as strong or fit as everyone else.

Think positive at how you're there and on a better track than flipping trough channels at home, and trust me you may not be completely in love with the gym yet but you will start wanting to go.

Also diet right. Without the proper diet you're just going to slow down the process. Good luck to everyone and I hope my transformation inspires at least one person.

Without The Proper Diet You’re Just Going To Slow Down The Process.
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Without The Proper Diet You’re Just
Going To Slow Down The Process.

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Hey. You actually consume 36 eggs (30 whites

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Please tell me a little more on your egg intake.
I drink 12 whites per day. Any suggestions?

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great work man

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