Strength Training For Baseball

The off-season is the time where a season is won or lost. You need to get in shape NOW!!! In this article I will help you to enter the upcoming season with more strength and power.

It has been about two months since the Anaheim Angels stunned the world and defeated the San Francisco Giants to become the 2002 World Series Champions. With another season in the books attention is quickly focused on the upcoming 2003 season. The off-season is the time where a season is won or lost. You need to get in shape NOW!!! In this article I will help you to enter the upcoming season with more strength and power.

Major League teams have learned the importance of strength training for increased performance on the field. Most teams have elaborate weight rooms in the stadium and employ strength and conditioning coaches. Superstars such as Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Gabe Kapler, Ron Gant, Mark McGwire and Jason Giambi have all benefited from strength training.

The core muscles those of the stomach and back play the biggest role in baseball. Explosion, quickness and power are the other important aspects of baseball. The quicker you are and the more powerful you can become can only help you on the ballfield. This program is broken up into three phases: Hypertrophy phase, Power phase and the In-season Maintenance phase. Each phase has a specific purpose
and should be followed.

The Hypertrophy phase provides the muscle stimulation necessary to pack on the muscle mass while the Power phase gets you stronger for the season and the Maintenance phase is designed to keep your strength up during the season so you do not break down when the season heats up! The entire program is outlined below: The Hypertrophy phase should be followed up until you start formally practicing while the Power phase should be followed up to the start of the season and you should follow the Maintenance phase through the entire season.

Hypertrophy Phase ///





Power Phase ///





In-Season Maintenance Phase ///




That does it for the entire program. This only accounts for weight lifting but baseball also requires explosive sprinting. I would recommend that you do some short sprints in intervals of 40 all the way up to 100 yards. I would start at 40 yards and work up to 100 yards and back down again to 40 yards. Repeat this sequence as you feel necessary. Also do some agility drills like side to side jumps, forward and backward jumps and fast feet. Do the sprinting and agility drills 2-3 times a week. Once in-season, cut out all of these drills because you will get your sprint and agility work during games and practice. During the season your goal is to maintain strength. Do not try to set your personal best in each lift because you will be working hard during games and practices.

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