How To Build Gigantic Traps And Delts!

When you go into gyms across America, you see almost every guy either benching, doing bicep curls, or ab work. Why is it that people think physical fitness and strength is defined by these 3 body parts?

When you go into gyms across America, you see almost every guy either benching, doing bicep curls, or ab work. Why is it that people think physical fitness and strength is defined by these 3 body parts? It's really sad!

In my opinion, you can determine if someone is a serious bodybuilder of just a gym bunny if they have awesome traps and delts. I'm talking about traps and delts sooooo big it makes you look like you have no neck and a 20 inch waist!

As Markus Ruhl said in a recent FLEX article,

"No other body part demands as much respect."

(He was referring to the trapezius muscles) I see many of my fellow teenage peers in the weight room everyday (which is their first mistake by the way), doing chest, biceps, and ab crunches. AND BY GOD, they can't even work these 3 muscle groups right.

They aren't working both biceps heads equally, they don't work on lower abs or obliques, and they only do flat bench. IT'S PATHETIC!!!! They are they kind of people who go to the gym to impress the opposite sex.

I try to correct them and it seems like they listen, but the next day they are doing the same damn thing! Most guys and gals don't realize that having humungous delts give off the impression of having a smaller waist line. Well I'm going to stop talking about the "gym bunnies" now, because they just piss me off.


This routine I'm about to show you is what helped me build my traps and delts, which are two body parts I'm damn proud of! I'm not going to say this routine is HARDCORE, but it is challenging.

And before I even tell you what it is, I will go ahead and say that I do not JUICE. I am all natural. When I posted this workout on message board, that's all I heard.

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Well whoever said that just couldn't hack it and felt their 3 sets for traps and delts cut it! Eh nh! Don't think so! Here it is folks! AND BY THE WAY, I get this workout done within a 1 hour time period, so you have to keep moving!!!

The Workout:

YEP folks. I get this done in under an hour. You have to push yourself pretty hard. But the results you get from using this program are amazing. People will start calling you EVEREST!


No but seriously, this is a program designed for maximum growth. You gotta EAT LIKE MAD CRAZY and you gotta make sure you recover properly. This is a routine that should be used by someone who is on a bulking phase, not a cutting phase.

When I say you have to eat like crazy, well let's just say I was taking in about 4,000 or over 4,000 calories a day on my bulking phase. I only went up about 6-7 % in body fat! As long as you eat quality foods for the most part, you won't have to worry about getting real fat.


Try this routine for 6 weeks. Only 1 time a week. I guarantee you that you will see results. Email me and tell me how it went. If your shoulders and traps are sore 3 days after you did the workout, that's good. Don't quit on me!

You want that soreness cause it means you pushed yourself in the gym. That's what bodybuilding is about, results. While at the same time we are bettering our bodies! Take care, everybody. Thanks for reading my article.


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Started this today. Going to try to follow this. Thanks for the guide!

Mar 9, 2012 9:10pm | report
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good one! these are exactly my routines!! hihi

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Nov 18, 2012 8:21pm | report
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